The Summertime Drink Bobby Flay Swears By

One of the wonderful things about listening to celebrity chef podcasts — besides the fact that doing so tends to work up an appetite for cooking foods that you most likely never would have realized may be well within reach of your making at home — is that they often deliver a seemingly off-the-cuff, unguarded window into what celebrity chefs really enjoy eating and drinking. This was recently the case when food legend Bobby Flay and his daughter, Sophie, appeared on the podcast "Always Hungry." 

The pair talked about exploring different types of food, drinks, and what creates an ideal home entertaining space. During the episode titled, "Summertime Eating and Drinking," the duo were chatting about what they most enjoyed indulging in and revealed Flay's drink of choice during the warm summer months. The beverage is often served at a cool temperature, and already has a huge following among its fans that like to sip it all day. 

What drink is pink and perfect for quaffing just about any old time?

With so much knowledge of all the flavors that go well together, and so much access to all the most fantastic items that may at various times be available in the culinary world, it feels downright reassuring to learn that the summertime drink that Flay swears by is that one we all probably have in our own homes — rosé. During the podcast Flay revealed that his house is even "nicknamed Rosé Country Day Camp, so you know that we drink a lot of rosé — like a LOT." 

The chef admitted there's even been some records set in terms of how many empty bottles that are left in the parking lot outside of his house. He divulged that he has a special affinity for the wine Whispering Angel. According to the company's website the rosé "is full and lush while being bone dry with a smooth finish." Flay said that when it first came out he "depleted the whole Eastern Long Island supply." Clearly, his family is a big fan of the pink hued wine.