How TikTok Really Feels About Disneyland's Giant New Corn Dogs

Hangryblogger, a multi-platform social media person, recently discovered that Disneyland sells giant corn dogs. They posted a video of the food being made, followed by them eating the battered meat with a thumbs up on TikTok: "Disneyland now serving giant corn dogs."

Some commenters pointed out that the park has had giant corn dogs before, but with over one million followers, Hangryblogger's video effectively serves as a debut for those not in the know. 

The most common reaction to the food, however, was gripes about the price. One person's comment was mangled by their outrage: "Probably cost $20.00 sooooo expensive for everything there!!!!!" Another joked, "That'll be 34.98 but pay only 15 for ketchup." A third reported that, when they visited Disneyland, the corn dogs did indeed cost $19.99. So, as the verdict eventually emerged, it's safe to say that it would be better to go to the state fair, where you can get cheaper (and probably better) corn dogs.

Make your own corn dogs

The reason why everything in Disneyland — from the corn dogs to the corny musical numbers — is so expensive is because it is a theme park. While that reason may not surprise, Get Away Today explains that it costs $11 billion for them to run all their parks each day, though they estimate that Disneyland itself only requires the relatively modest $3-5 million. Obviously, they have to recoup the money.

Typically, the visit as a whole is supposed to have that bang for your buck equation perfectly balanced. Yes, it's expensive, but it's also magical and Disney and whatnot. But, for those who simply want a corn dog without the lines and people dressed as anthropomorphic mice, you are in luck. Just Disney has shared the ingredient list for their corn dogs. You will need yellow cornmeal, flour, salt, sugar, baking powder, an egg, milk, frying oil and, of course, the hot dogs and sticks on which to hold them. All of these can be found in your local grocery store, so instead of flying out and paying through the nose, you can experiment with recipes and innovate ingredients until your own corn dogs are both better and cheaper than any you can buy at Disneyland.