What You Need To Know Before Meal Prepping Scrambled Eggs

Life as a hen isn't necessarily all it's cracked up to be. Sure, plodding around sunny fields and munching on grass must be extremely therapeutic for a short time, but the monotony of doing the same thing day after day would inevitably take its toll. That's all assuming there's an escape route from the cage. Probably the greatest annoyance suffered by hens is humans (because people are generally the route cause of every single problem ever known). Imagine how enraged you would be if your eggs were stolen by a human after you spent hours gradually squeezing them out, all while sitting in mud. One day the animals will revolt.

But what hens do not appreciate is the effort people have to put in to transform the tiny, brown-colored spheres into culinary masterpieces. Whether it be perfecting a fried egg without burning the edges, or creating a beautiful dippy poached egg, egg craft is a specialist skill — and that's before the really tricky matter of scrambled eggs. As the name suggests, confusion when whisking up scrambled eggs is almost inevitable, but battle-hardened experts are on-hand to share their vast knowledge.

Here are several tips you should follow to correctly meal prep scrambled eggs

Creating meals in bulk for the week ahead is seen as an efficient method of cooking amid the constant daily stresses caused by modern society. SelectHealth notes there are many benefits to meal prep, including controlling portions, saving money, and learning new skills.

As BBC Good Food explains, scrambled eggs provide essential sources of protein, vitamins, and iron, making them a good choice for hearty meals. Trifecta recommends working out how many eggs you will need for the week before cracking, weighing, and cooking them. It then advises only seasoning the eggs while they are cooking, allowing them to cool afterwards before splitting them up into servings that match your dietary needs.

The Spruce Eats adds that scrambled eggs should be kept covered up in the fridge after they have been cooked, but can be reheated using a non-stick skillet or an oven at low temperature. To vary the flavor of scrambled eggs, the outlet also suggests adding sausage, bacon, or hot sauce to ensure the meal remains desirable throughout the week.