The Empowering Diet Rule Candice Brown Swears By

Well-known baker Candice Brown managed to prove that she's one of a kind by impressing everyone with her performance on "The Great British Bake Off" in 2016. According to the Happy Foodie website, the chef was always interested in baking, thanks to the fact that she got to watch her mom and grandmother prepare delicious treats right at home. She also got a glimpse into the culinary world thanks to the pubs that were managed by her parents. Additionally, she often helped them out and worked with them whenever she could.

Years later, Brown has a lot going for her: she has been a part of several television appearances and events after her win on "The Great British Bake Off." As per her Instagram profile, she's also the owner of a pub called The Greenman Eversholt. Moreover, she's also written a book, titled "Happy Cooking: Easy Uplifting Meals and Comforting Treats." 

Brown is a major foodie and her profile includes all kinds of posts that illustrate her love for food. In one post, for example, she talks about how much she enjoys eating chicken nuggets. She implies that for the sake of food, she'll try all kinds of nuggets with an equal amount of enthusiasm. Who can blame her, eh? And guess what? The baker has a refreshing approach to dieting and doesn't like restricting herself.

Her logic is simple

Brown has been fairly open about her approach towards food and dieting. She told Simplyhealth UK (posted on YouTube) that she believes in treating herself to the stuff that she likes every now and then while sticking to a well-balanced diet. During the clip, the baker says, "Have that cake and a second slice if you want it." The quote was tweeted as well, with the sweet words were accompanied by a heart emoji. A fan agreed with her and wrote, "Nobody ever lay on their deathbed and thought, 'I wish I'd eaten less cake.'"

It's no surprise that Brown has a special place in her heart for dishes served in pubs. She told Baking Mad, "Pub grub will always be one of my favorite types of food — I mean big, wholesome food served in big portions!" As for comfort food, Brown simply can't turn down a plate of macaroni with cheese. She said,  "If I see it on any menu I have to try it, even if I'm not hungry!"