Twitter Can't Believe The Ridiculous Cooking Rule These Karen Landlords Imposed

For many people, cooking with spices is a big part of the joy of cooking — add a little paprika for heat, a pinch of garlic for robust flavor, and maybe some cinnamon for some sweet spice, and suddenly you have your own customized dish that you created all on your own. It's simply the art of food. Spices and unique spice blends are having a moment right now too, and are only growing in popularity, as even seen with the Netflix series, "Salt Fat Acid Heat" that delves into the topic.

But it turns out there are some people who abhor the very idea of a spice rack, including a couple in the rural town of Dubbo in New South Wales, Australia that has all but forbidden tenants in their building from cooking with seasonings besides salt and pepper, according to Junkee. The couple said as much in a post in a private Facebook group that has since received a lot of flack.

"I added a clause in our lease that they are forbidden to cook with any spices that leave smells," said the post (per Junkee). "Me and hubby drive past at random during dinner time for a smell check just to make sure they are complying." The article further pointed out that the landlord couple has also proceeded with illegal no-notice drop-ins to inspect pantries for the prohibited spices. 

Culinary historian and author Michael W. Twitty posted the controversial news piece (which alleges the move is not only ridiculous but also discriminatory) on Twitter and asked followers to chime in with their opinions. They were none too pleased.

The landlord's rule about spices has people in an uproar

Twitty's post and the news story generated strong reactions from many people who agreed with the article's take, that telling someone to not use spices is not only a violation of rights but is also racist. "Food is political — as divisive as it can be inclusive — and associations of non-Western smells as 'stench' has grim undertones," says Junkee.

As one of Twitty's followers responded, "That's insane. People should be able to cook with whatever spices/flavorings they like. There are tricks you can use to 'air' your kitchen out once you're done so smells don't linger. But this rule is racist imo." 

And as another Twitter user @catalystmic pointed out, life would be pretty dull without diversity: "I live in a complex filled with a wide range of ethnicities and therefore a wide range of cooking. When I walk my dog I take in the scents, wishing I could taste whatever they're cooking. Life would be pretty bland and rather sh**** without all of us adding our spices to it."

Maybe the landlord couple could just invest in a better kitchen exhaust system and let people live — and cook — in peace.