This Is Alex Guarnaschelli's Favorite Chopped Judge

Celebrity chef Alex Guarnaschelli won viewers over thanks to appearances on popular shows like "Chopped" and "Iron Chef." While Guarnaschelli quickly found her niche on television, the chef told People that she felt hesitant about participating in "Chopped" at the beginning. "I think I worried the show would be mean-spirited," Guarnaschelli admitted. "I worried about failure. I worried about falling in love with the process only to have the show go away."

The chef changed her mind after being impressed by the pilot episode. She has now been a part of the "Chopped" family for years and loves it. "I realize that 'Chopped' puts everyone on common ground," Guarnaschelli said. "Everyone learns something. Everyone empathizes with mistakes made or shouts at the TV when someone takes an unfortunate path with a basket." The show packed in a ton of positive experiences and Guarnaschelli even found a particular judge she clicked with.

A judge Guarnaschelli easily admires

It's clear that Alex Guarnaschelli loves "Chopped" and believe it or not, she does have a favorite judge on the show. Guarnaschelli revealed that she has a clear preference towards chef Chris Santos in a recent Twitter post that featured the two personalities demonstrating how to use a mandoline. Guarnaschelli commented on the tweet with "I'm with my favorite #chopped judge @SantosCooks. Yes. There I said it." 

Any chef could easily find something to like about Santos, an experienced chef who runs several establishments, including Beauty & Essex and The Stanton Social (via Food Network). Santos equally admires Guarnaschelli too. In a Reddit AMA, Santos admitted that "...Alex is my official work wife on set! We spend 12-14 long hours with each other everyday.....cracking each other up, bickering, making up, and then starting all over again. I love her!" This professional match made in heaven keeps things lively on set and the chefs' chemistry makes "Chopped" even more fun to watch.