Hell's Kitchen Fans Say This Was One Of The Cringiest Moments In The Series

"Hell's Kitchen" is undoubtedly one of the most loved shows on television. As per The Things, the show is as real as it gets, with no meddling involved, and there's no script to follow. Participants are always expected to rise up to the culinary challenges they face in front of the camera. The series is also pretty strict about the chefs it recruits, with Gordon Ramsay explaining how much he dislikes those that try to compete with limited experience. "They think they can cook because they hosted a dinner party," he said. 

Fans of the show love watching Ramsay bring his signature snark and can't wait to see what type of contestants will compete on the show. One fan wrote on IMDb, "I've watched every single season and loved every one. Every season has new contestants so you see some strange and funny characters. Definitely check this show out." Reddit fans also have something interesting to say when it comes to some of the worst moments on the show.

Viewers don't like this segment from Season 9

Redditors enthusiastically discussed some of their least favorite moments on "Hell's Kitchen" and determined that it's got to be a segment from Season 9. This particular episode featured contestant, Elizabeth Bianchi, a line cook from New York City (via Reality TV Revisited). Bianchi made a grave error that had terrible consequences for her team. She basically got confused and thought that Hawaiian food actually meant Asian cuisine. Yes, that actually went down.

One Reddit user said that most adults would not make such a mistake and would know the difference between Asian and Hawaiian dishes. A different viewer stated, "She absolutely screwed her team from the outset of that challenge." Another user agreed and wrote that she made her team "look like fools." And of course, things got worse because Bianchi's whole team lost that particular challenge. A comment summed things up pretty well, "Collateral damage is the worst."