Adorable TikTok Goes Viral After Baby Demands More Sugar

There's no denying that everyone needs a little sugar from time to time. It's a delicious way to celebrate or even get started for the day first thing in the morning. Now there's an adorable baby who is doing just that by asking for a little extra brown sugar in her morning cereal (via TikTok). While too much added sugar can certainly cause a laundry list of health hazards later in life, the mom of this precious kid knows that the little bit this baby wants and eats straight from the spoon isn't worth "fussin'" over, at least this time (via American Academy of Pediatrics).

The video opens with the baby asking for some "sweet" in her bowl, which the mom indicated in the TikTok is brown sugar. Apparently, some brown sugar had already been added into the bowl of what looks like cereal, but that just wasn't enough for this baby's liking. While that's already cute enough, it might be what comes next that has caused the video to go viral.

This kid knows how to clap back

After the mom told the baby there was already enough in the bowl, the baby asked for "one more time" and told her mom "no fussin'." That request was repeated again with the baby saying, "one last time, no fussin'." As if that snappy reply and plea for more sugar wasn't funny enough, it gets even better. The mom asks the baby how she could ever say no to the child, and the baby claps back with, "you don't." It's a hysterical way to start the morning without a doubt.

Eventually, the baby gets more brown sugar and eats a tiny bit of straight brown sugar with a spoon. Of course, the mom said, "no no no no no," but that didn't stop this baby. Maybe everyone needs that level of sass and a little extra "sweet" to start the day. Or perhaps watching the video alone is enough to bring a smile to people's mornings.