This Doritos Loving Toddler Has TikTok Obsessed

Move over Baby Yoda, because this snack-loving toddler is making waves across TikTok. Cute little toddler Dylan just loves Doritos (via TikTok). Recently, this tiny shopper was featured in two different TikTok videos carrying around a giant party-sized bag of the Nacho Cheese flavored chips, as dad Ja'Rell (@Snackbandits) repeatedly asked the little one to put the bag back. As commenter Eggsy transcribes, "Dad: Dylan, I'm not getting it, Dylan: BAHHHHHH." 

Honestly, Dylan: If someone tried to make us put our Doritos back, we'd say "bah" too. 

The first video features this adorable little shopper wandering around with the almost-toddler-sized bag of snacks despite repeated efforts by dad to put the bag back. The chips are shown toddling around the store and in the shopping cart, and as user3369360621038 puts it on TikTok, "I know da*n well you got that bag of Doritos!! How can you not she is too adorable."

Dylan can't get enough of Doritos

The additional video shows more of the giant bag of chips as it toddles around, gripped like the best teddy bear ever. Peeping out from a display, young Dylan quickly trips and falls, but is fortunately caught by the giant bag of chips (via TikTok). Tasty snack — and an airbag too. Talk about versatile. After the fall, though, there's clearly a little animosity as the toddler tosses the beloved bag aside, potentially blaming it for the trip and fall. Other watchers have joked about how crushed those chips may be, but finally found an appreciation for all the air in those chip bags. After all, the packaging sure helped keep the tot safe.

Video creator Ja'Rell captioned the video, "I had to come back to Wegmans for apple juice and snacks, and here she go again with them dang @doritos." It definitely sounds like this Doritos obsession is more than just a one-off. And seriously — Who would mind when the habit is so cute?