TikTok Is Loving Gordon Ramsay's Chicken Nugget Parm Response

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is not exactly known for mincing his words when he's talking about food. Whether he's reacting to a dish served by a contestant on "Hell's Kitchen" or expressing his opinion on a particular recipe online, the chef can be fairly brutal when he wants to be. According to Spoon University, Ramsay tends to entertain his followers on Twitter with painfully blunt remarks as well. Here's one: when someone shared a photo of a steak from their school's cafeteria, Ramsay simply wrote, "Change schools." Haha!

Well, Ramsay is back at it again. This time around, the object of his wrath is a viral TikTok chicken nugget parmesan recipe that features chicken nuggets, cheese, and a couple of other ingredients. Safe to say, he's not pleased at all. He posted a reaction video on TikTok that made one thing obvious: The chef will never ever try the recipe in his life.

Ramsay can't believe this chicken nugget parm recipe

Gordon Ramsay couldn't believe what he was looking at when he found a TikTok video that featured a popular recipe for a dish called "Chicken Nugget Parmesan" (via TikTok). In his defense, the video clip featured an unusual recipe, and it basically advised viewers to add tomato sauce to rolls. The rest of the recipe included chicken nuggets and plenty of Parmesan cheese. The idea behind the recipe? To make a quick, easy treat that's affordable and delicious.

Ramsay was not amused by the clip at all. He said, "What? Chicken Nugget Parmesan...oh stop. Oh no," on his TikTok duet video. He went to add that the toughest part of the recipe is "swallowing it." Yikes. Ramsay's hot take has been noticed by 9 million viewers who've noted his response to the recipe and yes, there are plenty of comments on Ramsay's video praising his take. The chef sure knows how to get noticed for his extreme opinions.