This Is Your Region's Favorite Ben And Jerry's Flavor

A dish of ice cream is the perfect end to any meal, and for some aficionados of the sweet treat, Ben & Jerry's is the only way to go. Founded in 1978, the brainchild of Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield that was once nothing more than a single shop serving up scoops in a renovated gas station is now an incredibly established brand. As of 2015, the chain had stores in 21 countries while its packaged products reach even further, with over 35 countries stocking up on the company's various packaged products and pints for ice cream lovers to buy.

Speaking of pints, which one do you reach for when it's a Ben & Jerry's for dinner kind of night? The company has dozens of flavors on the market today ranging from classics like vanilla and cookie dough to the more complex Phish Food. But believe it or not, a study by the brand in 2016 found that most regions of the U.S. favor the same three flavors over the rest. Curious about which ones they are, and if you indulge in the same kind of ice cream as the area of the country you live in? Check out the results for each region below.

Most regions in America favor these Ben & Jerry's flavors

Ben & Jerry's has enough ice cream to satisfy everyone's tastebuds, but it turns out that most of America would be satisfied if they narrowed their options down to the following three: Cherry Garcia, Half Baked, and The Tonight Dough. The Vermont-based company's study determined that out of all of their creations, this trio made up the top three favorites in seven of nine regions in the country. The only two areas that differed? The Southeast and Southwestern parts of the U.S, where Chocolate Fudge Brownie snubbed the fruity ice cream flavor for third place in the rankings.

As for the number one flavor in each region, Half Baked was the top preference in the Midwest and Southwest Central parts of America, whereas Jerry Garcia ranked as the most popular flavor for the Pacific, South Atlantic, and New England regions in the country. Those dwelling in the Mountain region of the country, as well as Southeast Central, and Northeast and Northwest Central, showed the most love for the brand's ice cream collaboration with talk show host Jimmy Fallon. Appropriately named The Tonight Dough, this concoction consists of chocolate and caramel ice creams, chocolate cookie swirls, and both peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie dough (via Ben & Jerry's website). With a description like that, it's no wonder that so many areas of the country like to indulge in this frozen treat.