Dunkin' Fans Are Freaking Out Over This Adorable Animal Influencer

Dunkin' fans and the internet in general have fallen in love with a duck named Munchkin who loves to drink iced water from Dunkin'. One such video on TikTok compares ducks in general who drink from mud puddles to a clip of Munchkin enthusiastically dipping her beak into the branded plastic cup.

"I thought it was hysterical how crazy she went over this Dunkin' ice water I ordered her," Krissy Ellis, Munchkin's owner, told The Boston Globe. She never reacted this way to the tap water provided at home. "So I started filming it." Now, she has accrued 2.7 million followers with her TikTok account The Quack House and consistently puts out both videos about her ducks' day-to-day lives and ones focusing on Munchkin's persnickety relationship with water. 

In the piece, both Ellis and a Dunkin' spokesperson make it clear that there is no sponsorship involved. Even though Munchkin was actually named after their signature donut balls, she was named before Ellis discovered her passion. "I think a lot of people like it because it's something that's happy on the Internet," Ellis explains. This makes sense, but also there is something funny about a duck with such particular standards when it comes to water.

Is there a reason for Munchkin's preferences?

The extent of Munchkin's fastidiousness is revealed in a video that shows her reactions to iced waters from various restaurants. Dunkin', of course, was the best. Sonic, Chick-fil-A, and Starbucks all offered decent waters, though in Starbucks' case, Munchkin only really liked the strawberries.

Then Munchkin tried iced water poured from the tap into a Dunkin' plastic cup. Munchkin was unimpressed, trying a bit before refusing to drink anymore. In The Takeout's comment section, a profile called The Lord of Ducks suggests the excitement which Munchkin displays over iced water is due to the novelty of the restaurant's filtered water. The Boston Globe gives their address as Milford, Pennsylvania. Clean Cool Water rates Pennsylvania's drinking water as 40th in the country. So, the clean tasting water offered by a restaurant would surely prove more exciting than what you would get at home. What makes Dunkin's water so good, however, is not as clear. The video credits Dunkin' with the perfect ice to water ratio. Perhaps the cubes are simply the right size to sit in Munchkin's beak. Whatever the reason, Dunkin' has won the cute animal influencer game.