Nearly 23% Think This Is The Worst Brand Of Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is not only delicious, it's also incredibly versatile. What other food works well in sandwiches, oatmeal, milkshakes, savory sauces, and with apple slices? According to Eat This, Not That!, peanut butter was originally created for those who didn't have teeth. No kidding! The soft, creamy spread was easy to eat and a good source of protein for many. 

Come to think of it, peanut butter has evolved in so many ways: you can pick up a crunchy version, a sugar-free version, or a natural peanut butter with no additives. You can even make your own! If you're trying to be healthy, a Redditor offers solid advice. They write, "Buy peanut butter that only has peanuts in it, with or without salt. The ones that are unhealthy are those with added hydrogenated fats and high fructose corn syrup."

But even when you know which type of peanut butter you want, there are still so many different brands. Which one should you go for? We conducted a survey to find out, asking people across the country what they think the worst brand of peanut butter is.

Justin's gets the least amount of love

The survey Mashed conducted involved 603 respondents across the U.S. They were asked to pick from popular peanut butter brand names such as Skippy, Justin's, Reese's, Jif, Planters, and more. Around 22.55% of the participants mentioned that they wouldn't buy Justin's Peanut Butter Spread. The brand was created by entrepreneur Justin Gold. His website states, "My products are made with common sense and high-quality ingredients. From naturally delicious nut butters, to plant-based snacks, to organic nut butter cups, I work to craft the best tasting products. I think your taste buds will agree!"

As our survey shows, not all taste buds do agree. The major problem with Justin's Peanut Butter is its thin texture. The product is not worth the money and is pretty unsatisfying. As Eat This, Not That! notes, the brand's classic peanut butter option is pretty bland and cannot satisfyingly be eaten on its own. Too bad! 

You probably want to stick to an old trusted name such as Jif. Only 8.13% of the respondents in the survey designated it the worst, which means that most peanut butter enthusiasts do appreciate its taste.