Pepsi Just Threw Some Serious Shade At Coke With This Twitter Meme

In case you've been hiding under a rock for the last few weeks — Coca-Cola has a new Coke Zero, and the company has even come up with a shiny Snapchat filter to prove how hip the drink is (via The Drum). As for the rest of us? If Twitter's barometer is anything to go by, we're about as divided on whether the new Coke Zero is truly tasty as we are on who's the best Batman — or, could Jack really have fit on the door with Rose in "Titanic"?  "On the bright side," wrote one hater via tweet, "The new coke zero is so terrible I may finally cut back on my soda intake."

 Inevitably, Pepsi has jumped on the opportunity to stir further controversy, wading into what Adweek has declared to be the Cola Wars' newest frontline, and taunting Coca-Cola's newest family member with .. a meme. It's not just any meme. Pepi's newest Twitter jab at Coke comes with a tantalizing offer. 

Yup, Pepsi will really buy you a soda

Did Pepsi really need to rely on outdated jealous GF and cheating BF tropes to throw shade at Coca-Cola? Irrelevant, it went there. And if "you" really are the man eyeing the competition — and if Pepsi Zero Sugar truly might be your new flame, and if Coke Zero Sugar is about to get dumped — Pepsi has a proposition for you. According to a statement set out in conjunction with its saucy Twitter meme, Pepsi's "determined to help mend some broken hearts." All you have to do is post a photo of yourself on social media with the hashtag #MyCokeBreakUp. The company will reimburse you for a 20 oz bottle of Pepsi Zero Sugar. 

How's the campaign going? At the time of this writing, Pepsi has at least two converts on Twitter – but it's early days still. The company's gambit just started today. Undoubtedly, there's a lot to be won. As per market research firm Million Insights, the diet soft-drink market is projected to be with 5.2 million dollars by 2025, and Coca-Cola is hogging 7.9 percent of it, according to Ad Week.