Guy Fieri Teamed Up With A Famous Meme Account To Create A New Burger

If you've ever been on Instagram, chances are you've seen a meme from @MiddleClassFancy without even knowing it. The widely followed account is known for turning suburban mediocrity into a punchline, often using character tropes such as can-I-speak-to-the-manager "Karen" and wine aunt "Nance" (via Paper). There's also next-door neighbor "Rand," who Guy Fieri apparently relates to the most. "Meme or no meme, Rand is a real dude and a formidable grill master," Fieri explained to QSR.

The Rand trope inspired Fieri so much that he decided to team up with @MiddleClassFancy to create an entire burger based off of it, the Rand Burger, which highlights his "true backyard burger badassery." The burger consists of a juicy ground beef patty slathered in Rand's Special BBQ sauce, and topped with crispy bacon, jalapeños, white onions, pickles, and SMC — that's Super Melty Cheese, if you're new to Guy Fieri lingo — and it's served on a garlic-buttered brioche.

The Rand Burger is Guy Fieri's most meme-worthy burger

According to @MiddleClassFancy, Rands live almost exclusively in suburban neighborhoods, so technically, the only way you'd be able to try an authentic Rand-made burger would be if you were invited to the backyard barbecue of one. That was, of course, until now.

Thanks to Guy Fieri — who is not only a Rand himself, but also someone who strongly believes that everyone deserves to take a trip to Flavortown, U.S.A. — now you can get a Rand Burger pretty much wherever you are, or more specifically, at one of the locations of his delivery-only restaurant, Guy Fieri's Flavortown Kitchen. This means that Rand Burgers are available in 34 states across the U.S., and they're only one click away. The restaurant also got in on the meme action, posting a prompt, where if you tag someone and they don't respond within a single second, "they owe you a Rand Burger grilled to absolute perfection."

Unfortunately, the meme-inspired burger will only be on the Flavortown Kitchen menu for a limited time through September 30, so just make sure to order one while you can before it's too late.