What Is Caffè Al Ginseng And Does It Help With Digestion?

Do you enjoy sipping on coffee? If you're someone who simply cannot get enough of your daily cup of joe, it's likely that you have some preferences that you prefer sticking to. Whether you choose a serving of classic Americano or prefer buying a hot cup of latte for yourself, you have a lot of options to choose from. One of the most interesting choices in this category is caffè al ginseng, a drink that's unique and fairly intriguing for those who enjoy a bit of variety.

Per Aiello, ginseng coffee is something that will work well for you if you like espresso in general. In terms of flavors, you'll be reminded of a cappuccino except that this drink is milder and a bit sweeter, but rest assured, it has enough caffeine to satisfy your taste buds. One of its primary ingredients, of course, comes from the ginseng plant. Depending on where you have the drink, you may or may not get the most authentic experience.

Ginseng is considered healthy

Per Healthline, ginseng has been a part of Chinese culture for many years and is considered to be good for your health. Several varieties exist, but the two most prominent ones are American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) and Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng). Many believe that ginseng offers several health perks to those who consume it on a regular basis. For example, it can potentially improve brain function and boost immunity. It's also believed that those who include ginseng in their diet may be protected from certain kinds of cancer. 

Plus, ginseng is shown to help boost a person's energy levels. There are several other benefits linked to ginseng, such as the fact that it helps improve sexual health and fight erectile dysfunction. Additionally, ginseng can be a powerful antioxidant and keep blood sugar levels in check, something that is especially important for individuals living with a condition like diabetes. 

Caffè al ginseng seemingly helps with digestion

All those claims linked to the benefits of digestion and caffè al ginseng? They're somewhat true. According to Aiello, what truly helps is the presence of caffeine in the drink. Specifically, caffeine naturally aids digestion. That said, ginseng makes the entire process a bit easier as well. This claim is supported by the Old Coffee Pot blog that mentions the advantages linked to ginseng coffee and digestion. There are plenty of encouraging anecdotes from those who've given this a shot. However, there isn't enough research to confirm it.

Another blog, Luxe Adventure Traveler recommends the drink for its numerous benefits and adds that it is a perfectly good option to turn to especially after a heavy meal. So basically, if you need to feel alert after a hearty meal, you know what to do. Grab a cup of ginseng coffee! Your digestive system will probably thank you.

Caffè al ginseng is a trendy option

According to The Guardian, caffè al ginseng has been popular for several years in Italy. It's essentially arabica bean coffee that's mixed up with ginseng root extract. This unconventional option has somehow become a hit in the country and found many admirers who vouch for the beverage. This is big considering the fact that coffee drinkers in Italy already have strict preferences and maintain high standards when it comes to the beverage.

If you're trying to imagine what's it like, caffè al ginseng is basically double in terms of volume when compared to an espresso. Also, it's served hot and is milky. The fact that it's sweet on its own means that you don't really need to add sugar if you don't feel like it.

Per Aiello, while this type of coffee is popular, not all varieties are created equal. Some variants may not be healthy and could have ginseng aroma instead of actual ginseng extract. Some manufacturers may also choose to add a lot of sugar, so it's essential to tread cautiously.

You can make caffè al ginseng at home

You don't really need to visit a fancy coffee shop if you'd like to have a cup of caffè al ginseng by yourself. According to Aiello, all you need is warm milk, ristretto coffee, sugar, and a bit of ginseng root extract to make it at home. You can ask for ginseng at herbal stores near you, and typically, it shouldn't be too hard to find the product. Thankfully, it's easy to prepare the beverage and doesn't really require a lot of effort.

Also, it might be a good idea to exercise caution while experimenting with ginseng on a regular basis. As per Healthline, the herbal ingredient may not work well with certain medicines and cause side effects such as insomnia, headaches, and diarrhea among other issues. To be safe, it's best to talk to a medical practitioner first before adding it to your diet.