Costco Shoppers Are Loving This BBQ-Flavored Keto Snack Mix

While keto has become a very popular diet in recent years, with many people sticking to the diet because of its health and weight loss benefits, there are a few downsides. According to Healthline, the keto diet works by putting the body in a metabolic state of ketosis, which encourages fat loss. It is able to do this when the amount of glucose, or sugar, in the body is limited as a result of a reduced consumption of carbohydrates, which means adherents to the diet eat foods that are high in fat, while avoiding foods that are high in carbs. So many popular party snacks, like pretzels, sweets, and chips are unfortunately off-limits because of their high carbohydrate content. 

However, Costco is ready to change all that with the release of their new, keto-certified BBQ flavored baked snack mix. This new mix boasts a variety of keto-friendly ingredients, including almonds, peanuts, pecans, cashews, pumpkin seeds, and a boost of MCT oil, for a tasty and healthy snack that won't throw you off your diet. Each serving contains seven grams of protein and just three grams of net carbs, and they are now selling for just $9.99 for a 22 ounce bag (via Instagram).

Costco shoppers posted rave reviews of this keto-friendly snack mix online

Costco fans on social media were quick to sing the praises of the new keto snack. The popular Instagram account @costco_doesitagain made a post alerting their followers to the keto-friendly chips, and they were far from the only ones to be excited about the store's expanded keto offerings. "I haven't seen this yet at Costco (I go verrry frequently lol) but I might just have to look at a different one because this looks splendid!" @joannaallison replied. "These are soooooo good!!!" follower @angiecostley raved, while @fasterwaywithcharlotte agreed, "So yummy!"

So if you or someone you know is trying to stick to the keto diet, but doesn't want to have to completely miss out on the chance to enjoy tasty snacks and treats at parties and get togethers, then you'll definitely want to pick up a bag or two of these Oakhouse Bakery keto baked snack mix the next time you head to your local Costco. With its low amount of net carbs, reasonable price, and great flavor, you just can't go wrong.