Over 33% Think This Grocery Store Has The Best Deli

For some foodies, delis are a way of life. Named after a French and German term that more or less means "delicious things to eat," according to Saveur, U.S. delis can be traced back to the German Delikatessen, a shop that sold delicacies (via JStor Daily). This evolved into the delis we know today Jewish immigrants moved to New York in 1848 in response to revolutions occurring in Germany and formed food shops that drew from both kosher and gentile delicatessen traditions. 

Today, places like Katz's deli in NYC make a name for themselves based on their larger-than-life pastrami sandwiches with pickles that pack just the right amount of crunch (via Katz's website). Of course, people can also search for the perfect meat at supermarket delis. But with so many options, how do you figure out where to get the best deli offerings when grocery shopping? Mashed surveyed 646 people in the U.S. to find out which grocery store deli shines brightest among customers.

A clear winner emerged

Among the nearly 650 respondents Mashed asked, there was a definitive winner in the fight to find the best deli. And that winner was Kroger with a whopping 33.13% of the votes. A post by the Deli Menu Prices website makes it easy to see why Kroger's deli might reign supreme. It claims the chain's food is fresh, the employees and business as a whole cater to the needs of shoppers, and its prices are not only reasonable but cheap. Based on that review, is there any wonder why some people might love the place?

Other contenders for best deli included Costco with 23.37% of the vote, and Walmart with 14.71%. Rounding out the lower end of the rankings were Aldi with 6.50%, Meijer with 8.20%, H.E.B. with another 8.20%, and Target with 5.88%. While these delis are surely fine in their own right, there will probably be people for whom you cannot beat a good old-fashioned delicatessen filled with perfect pastrami, mustard, ketchup, and all the crunchy pickles you can eat. If that sounds like you, maybe some of these grocery store delis will do in a pinch.