Instagram Is Losing It Over Marcela Valladolid's Amazing Beach Pose Photo

Celebrity chef and cookbook author Marcela Valladolid is a big fan of yoga. She told the Food Network that being consistent with her yoga sessions every week has helped her in many ways. "I fell in love with yoga when I noticed I had more energy during the day and slept profoundly at night. Due to my work schedule, I don't practice as much as I would like, but whenever I'm home I make time for it," she said. 

Also, according to GB Magazine, Valladolid was always into health and fitness. She said, "I've always been into some sort of physical exercise; be it gymnastics when I was a kid or yoga when I was older. After my sister Carina ran the New York Marathon I was just so inspired that I've taken up running."

Valladolid showed her fans exactly what she means when she says she's passionate about fitness when she put up an impressive photo of herself striking a spectacular yoga pose (via Instagram).

One fan joked that Marcela Valladolid was 'just showing off'

Marcela Valladolid delighted her fans over the weekend when she shared a photo of herself on the beach. Her Instagram followers couldn't get enough of the picture where the chef was seen holding an impressive yoga pose and looking as graceful as ever. As a commentator jokingly wrote, "On a giant piece of driftwood.... Now you're just showing off!!" The chef's reply was equally cheeky. "Most definitely," she wrote.

As another commentator noted, Valladolid is incredibly flexible. When an Instagram user lamented that they can't possibly pull off something like this, the chef had an optimistic response. She said that every body does have the capability to be that flexible. She added, "You'd just have to put in a few years of practice." What a woman!

Also, the chef revealed that she was holidaying at the stunning Punta Mita resort in Mexico. And yes, it looks like the chef is having a great time.