The Pink Floyd Banana Commercial You Probably Don't Know About

Though BTS might be the king of 2021 bands, we shouldn't forget about Pink Floyd and a memorable banana commercial it made with Dole in the 1970s. If you need a reminder of how the ad went, there is a clip on YouTube.

According to Far Out Magazine, the band famously turned down lots of offers to use their songs in commercials unless it was for a "good cause." However, when Dole asked if there was a way to use the song "The Great Gig in the Sky" in a seductive banana commercial, Pink Floyd band member Richard Wright agreed.

However, David Gilmour said in a later interview that he did not agree to the track being used for this suggestive video, which ends with the narrator saying, "if you feel it, peel it." Per Rolling Stone, Pink Floyd's split left a bitter taste in the mouths of quite a few of its members, but if anything, this commercial is a testament to how iconic the group was previously.

Fans' reactions to the message today

Speaking of that final phrase, it caused quite a reaction among fans. "It would have been complete if the sexy girl said 'I'm not frightened of dying...anytime will do I don't mind. In the meantime, I'll have a banana,'" one person commented on a Reddit thread.

Bananas, with their suggestive shape, are known to many as an aphrodisiac, and Dole probably isn't wrong to capitalize on that. It might be a big move for such a popular company to publicly imply sexual connotations in a television ad, and just as daunting for a band as famous as Pink Floyd to help collaborate in such a commercial.

However, Reddit users on another thread shared how effective they thought the commercial was. "Then the commercial was a success!" one person, @TheHappinessAssassin, wrote. Another user, @Dulpup, commented, "That's true. You never really see branding for the fruit." So for better or worse reasons, the Dole and Pink Floyd advertisement continues to live on in our memories to this day.