Pizza Toppings You Haven't Tried But Should

While I'll never turn down a slice of pepperoni pizza, sometimes the tried and true can get a tad boring. To prevent you from ever turning your back on this adored food category, let's talk about all the fun ways changing up the toppings can make a world of difference. Depending on your mood, you can personalize your pizza with surprising ingredients that will challenge your taste buds. From sweet seasonal fruits to everyday eggs, you'll discover the fun of switching up your pizza toppings. Here are some ingredient ideas that are not pepperoni.


When in doubt #putaneggonit. This speak volumes of truth. From transforming leftovers to making basic grain bowls glorious, a perfect egg with set whites and runny yolk lends loads of rich, savory taste not to mention the fact that it makes any boring plate look stunning. Adding an egg (or two) to your pizza is a brilliant idea. And if you put an egg on it early enough in the day, you can feel totally OK about eating pizza breakfast. If you need further encouragement, here are a few egg-forward pizza recipes to help you along.

This recipe from Epicurious is vaguely Mediterranean-inspired in the best way. From-scratch pizza dough is topped with peppers, briny olives, salty Parmesan cheese, earthy rosemary, and savory onions before getting some initial oven TLC to begin to brown the crust. To finish this lovely pizza, you simply crack the eggs inside the onion rings so they retain their round shape and bake until the whites are softly set and the crust is completely golden and cooked through.

Welcome springtime flavors with this recipe from Zen Can Cook. Pizza dough is slathered with creamy bechamel, then topped with classic spring veggies like asparagus, fava beans, and fresh peas. Pesto puree lends depth of flavor, while small quail eggs and slices of cured meat add fancy richness and salty kick. No quail eggs on hand? No prob. This pizza would be equally good with regular chicken eggs.

Try this cauliflower crust pizza from The Awesome Green for a vegetarian, gluten-free take on pizza with an egg on it. A crisp cauliflower pizza "dough" is accented with zesty tomato sauce, creamy mozzarella cheese, hearty kale, and perfectly set eggs that are runny when you cut through them. An accompanying garlic sauce lends a surprisingly decadent final touch to an already mouthwatering pizza.


Corn kernels are delightfully savory and naturally sweet. Inherently crisp but also small so as to cook quickly, these kernels make for the perfect pizza topping. Corn complements many other veggie toppings, particularly lovely springtime ones. It also pairs well with white pizzas and their natural creaminess. Unexpected but totally irresistible, scattering corn over your next pie is one way to change things up in a tasty way. Look no further than these recipes here to whet your appetite for pizzas topped with corn.

This pizza recipe from A Beautiful Mess is one I love because it approximates the flavors of my favorite Mexican street food: corn elote, a snack consisting of corn on the cob slathered with mayo, fresh Cotija cheese, and bold spices. Instead of tomato sauce, the dough is slathered with creamy garlic mayo. Add chili powder, cheese, and smoky roasted corn for the ultimate food mashup win.

What if your next pizza smells and tastes like a wonderful, warm weather barbecue? Make the dream a reality with this recipe from Foodie Crush. Grilled sauceless pizza is seasoned with garlic, Gorgonzola, mozzarella, rosemary, and grilled corn. I promise you'll become as obsessed as I am with this crazy good combo of flavors and textures.

Another warm weather pie to catch your attention, this recipe from Life as a Strawberry is fresh and light. A summery vegetarian take on pizza, this dish makes the most of summer produce like grilled sweet corn and bright cilantro, which go so well together. Throw in Gruyere and mozzarella cheeses and you're rewarded with melty, savory decadence plus complex layers.


Pineapple on pizza is old news. Try adding sweet, juicy peaches to your next pie for a surprising twist on a favorite food. If you like the sweet and savory combo, you'll love what seasonal peaches can do for pizza. From goat cheese and ricotta to onions and basil, peaches have a magical way of playing up the natural flavors of other ingredients while also making their own addictive impression. If you're still not sure how to top your pizza with peaches, here are some recipes to help inspire you.

This recipe from Martha Stewart is deliciously summery and barbecue-friendly. Take a break from red sauce when you top crispy golden pizza crust with grilled peach wedges, generous amounts of mozzarella cheese, peppery basil leaves, salty prosciutto slices, and a drizzle of olive oil. Simple and elegant, this pizza is best enjoyed al fresco in good company.

Another pair made in heaven? Peaches and ricotta, of course. While you might initially associate this coupling with desserts only, it's perfect for savory pizza, too. This recipe from Well Plated tastes like summery heaven on a slice. Creamy ricotta complements sweet peaches and fragrant basil leaves, making this dish one to replicate through all the warm weather months.

This recipe from Cooking Light makes good use of seasonal peaches. Prepare your pizza dough as you normally would, then top it with shredded mozzarella, Gorgonzola crumbles, and peach slices. Add more mozzarella on top to get a beautiful melted layer on top of everything. There's nothing quite like sweet fruit and two kinds of cheeses.


Yes, yes, avocado toast is all the rage, guacamole is universally beloved, and an avocado rose is the new way to say "I love you." However, avocado on pizza is still on the fringe, but I'd like to argue that's it's high time we really make this topping a thing. Most pizza toppings are unabashedly savory, so why not add a touch of natural creaminess? Avocado's natural richness might just make it the perfect underdog topping for your pizza. Try these quick and simple avo-forward recipes, and you'll never turn back.

This recipe from The Pioneer Woman is an easy weeknight dish that tastes as good as it is nourishing. Prepared pizza dough is topped with rich mozzarella, lean and tender chicken breast for a hearty dose of protein, red onion, green onion, and avocado slices. You get layers of nutrients and impeccable flavors that make the pie truly shine.

Keep it beautifully monochromatic with this charming pizza recipe from The Nutty Nutritionist. Eschew the usual red sauce and opt instead for lots of bold garlicky pesto. Top that with red onion, basil or cilantro, avocado, and feta crumbles, and prepare to be charmed by this wholly unconventional pizza pie.

Smoked salmon? Yes. Avocado? Yes. Both of these ingredients on pizza? Please! This recipe from Cafe Delites is innovative and ridiculously tasty. Pizza crust is seasoned with salty, deli-style smoked salmon, bright splashes of lemon juice, and perfectly green avocado slices, resulting in a dish that's bright, vibrant, and completely impossible to resist.


Like peaches, figs are unexpectedly delicious paired with a slew of savory ingredients, making them quite ideal for topping pizza. Sweet and lush, they lend fantastic contrast to the savory, creamy, and tangy components of a traditional pie. Figs add sophistication to a humble dish and in that way, they show their power to subtly elevate dishes. If you haven't tried grownup fig pizza, do yourself a favor and give one of these recipes a go on your next pizza night.

This recipe from Tori Avey pairs figs with goat cheese, a classic combination of sweet and savory that happens to be ideal atop a pizza. Caramelized onions lend depth and complexity, while arugula adds light freshness. I love the way the figs magically unite all the seemingly disparate ingredients, making them feel like they totally belong on this damn near perfect pizza.

Need another reason to make elegant pizza like it's no big deal? Try this recipe from Taste. Imagine the best charcuterie, cheese, and olive board you've ever encountered at the coolest party you've ever attended — as a pizza. That's what you get with this charming dish. Pizza crust gets major oomph from a rich and briny olive tapenade, sweet figs, fatty pancetta, and soft brie. I mean!

This Mediterranean-inspired pizza from Valley Fig Growers will make you feel like you're vacation seaside no matter where you are. Rustic ingredients, golden crust, and fresh flavors turn standard pizza into an elegant feast. Figs, olives, herbs, feta, and pine nuts infuse the pie with hints of the Mediterranean, while mozzarella reminds you that this is still pizza — your favorite food group.


Hummus is a traditional Middle Eastern dip that has so many more uses than we usually attribute to it. More than being the perfect dip for your veggies and pita chips, this nutty, rich chickpea concoction is also quite delectable on a pizza. It lends loads of earthy flavor and unexpected creaminess to any old pie. Not convinced? Check out these recipes, and you'll understand what I'm getting at.

This recipe from Taste of Home is quick, easy, and perfect as an appetizer or main course. This delectable pizza is streamlined to the max. Simply spread the pizza dough with your favorite hummus — store-bought or homemade — and layer with cheese, olives, and tomatoes. Plop it into the oven and enjoy a piping hot pizza pie in roughly 10 minutes. Not too shabby for minimal effort, right?

In this recipe from The Food in My Beard, hummus gets a starring role as the sauce on the pizza. Add meaty kofta slices, feta, and olives, then rush it into the oven ASAP. Be ready for stupid good-looking pie. To finish, drizzle a light, creamy yogurt sauce on top, then serve to people you adore because they're the only ones who deserve to share this pizza with you.

This recipe from Lisa's Kitchen is the veggie lover's dream come true, and there's a nutty hummus cameo to boot. The homemade flavor of this pie makes all the difference. Smoky, sweet, and tangy, it is all that and more. Pair with meaty portobello mushrooms, onions, cheese, jalapenos, and Kalamata olives, and you have yourself pizza that's bursting with bright, fresh flavor.

Mashed potatoes

Made famous by the signature pie in New Haven, Connecticut, mashed potatoes are surprisingly good as a pizza topping. While it may seem strange to add a heavy starch on top of your carby crust, I dare say it's delicious. Like anything that's over the top, this dish isn't meant to fit into your regular healthy diet, but it is a totally indulgent once-in-a-while kind of treat. Mashed potatoes taste like creamy fries, so just imagine that slathered into your pizza. Not sure how to make this bar food happen in your life? Here are some pointers.

This recipe from Real Simple takes you through the nitty gritty of how to make a mashed potato pie if you are so inclined. Keeping it simple and getting straight to the decadent parts, this pie is topped with rich, garlicky mashed potatoes and lots of cheese. Broccoli florets and green onions add pops of bright color to this hearty pizza designed for maximum gratification.

The Baker Chick's take on mashed potato pizza is unapologetic and downright scrumptious. Let's get into it. A homemade crust is layered with the creamiest mashed potatoes, fatty bacon, sweet corn, green onions, and mozzarella. The result is a dish that's beyond rich, salty, sweet, and absolutely ideal for your hungriest moments.

I love this recipe from Tablespoon, as it tastes like the loaded baked potato of my dreams in pizza form — something I will always welcome. Milky, rich mashed potatoes? Check. Butter? Check. Bacon? Check. Chives? Check. Trust me. This is a pizza you want to make, like maybe right now. Drop everything.


Pizza, meet honey. She's fab and she will rock your world. That is how I imagine introductions between these two would play out. While you ought to consider the pizza's other toppings before liberally adding honey, I should warn you that honey practically turns pizza into a controlled substance. Honey might not be ideal for pies that already have other sweet ingredients (like peaches or figs). However, it would hit the spot when paired with any variety of salty meats. Ready?

Apparently, The Hungry Traveler knows what's good in life. This recipe proves as much. Sweet and spicy flavors mingle splendidly in this dish that's bold and in your face. The blend of hot honey, zesty soppressata, and flaky sea salt imbues the pizza with three bold elements that somehow balance each other perfectly.

This recipe from This Week for Dinner makes a simple, pared down pizza that uses few ingredients to produce a work of culinary sophistication. Tender caramelized onions, honey-infused goat cheese, and Parmesan come together in a pie that's quick to whip up but tastes like it came from a restaurant kitchen.

This recipe from Life's Ambrosia is a swoon-worthy way to infuse honey into your pizza-eating recreational activities. Sweet, meat, and heat makes for a poetic rhyme I can get on board with any day. This pizza is made with classic red sauce, spicy salami, melted cheese, and generous amounts of honey to balance out the saltiness. I know. Yes, you're excused to go make pizza now. Bye.

Banish boring pizza blues when you give these unexpected toppings a try. Mix and match them to experiment with flavor combinations that are truly your own!