Mom-Requested Dishes For Mother's Day

Mom's likely to be one of those important people in your life who you might not always get to celebrate properly. Each year, Mother's Day presents you with the unique opportunity to show her how much you appreciate her. What better way to do so than with amazingly good food? Now that you know you want to cook for your mom, you have to figure out what she might enjoy eating. While all moms are different, yours would probably appreciate dishes that suggest pampering—you know, the ones that require the time and care she might not be able to give to herself on a daily basis. Since your mom doesn't often whip up decadent French toast for herself each weekend, or delicate scallops at a moment's notice, that gives you a chance to do it for her! Grab your apron and get ready to serve your mom some fantastic dishes on Mother's Day.

Bread, pastries, and other carb delights

She may not say it directly, but your mom wants to carb load in elegant fashion on Mother's Day. On this special spring occasion, don't deny her all the good stuff. From crumbly homemade scones designed for holding butter and scrumptious muffins with generous tops, to sweet sticky buns and made-to-order French toast drizzled with grade A maple syrup, your mom will no-doubt appreciate that unique love that manifests itself in the form of morning-appropriate pastries. If you're thinking about treating your mom to a breakfast spread that'll make her feel appreciated, go for the sweet, carby treats. Here are some of my all-time favorite recipes for breakfast pastries to help you get your Mother's Day menu off on the right foot.

Yossy Arefi's fresh currant oat scones from her popular blog, Apt. 2B Baking, are crumbly, bright, and perfect for your mom.

Your mom won't be able to stop smiling when you serve her lemon blueberry muffins a la Joy the Baker.

She may not know it, but your mom probably needs Molly Yeh's bagel French toast in her life, ASAP.

Egg-centric dishes

Make a dish of killer eggs for your mama to show her how much you care. Chock full of protein in addition to being savory and delicious, eggs are practically a requirement at any stellar brunch. As there are so many wonderful ways to prepare eggs, you'll have plenty of options when you decide on the perfect Mother's Day dish. Use seasonal ingredients and farm fresh eggs for best results. Make her omelets to order, cook up a colorful frittata, or concoct a breakfast casserole to blow her away. On the other hand, keeping it simple can be pretty awesome, too. Think luscious, soft-scrambled eggs, soft-boiled orbs with irresistibly jammy yolks, or sunny-side up gems to go with buttered toast. Need some ideas? Check out these Insta-worthy egg recipes for inspo.

This recipe from Food52 makes a stunning broccoli frittata seasoned with Parmigiano cheese. Slow cooking makes all the difference.

Try this shakshuka recipe from Tori Avey for a Middle Eastern spin on gently poached eggs. Cooked in zesty tomato sauce, the dish is perfect for sopping up with toast.

Watch this mesmerizing video of Julia Child making the simplest, fluffiest omelet ever and replicate it for your mom.

Cakes, of course

No celebration is complete without cake. As Julia Child famously said, "A party without cake is just a meeting." The bottom line? Your mom deserves to have her cake on Mother's Day. Whether you opt for classic chocolate, unflappable vanilla, decadent red velvet, or creamy cheesecake, presenting mom with a beautiful cake on this special occasion lets her know you care. Baking is not only a fun project for you, but it boasts a host of other benefits like a kitchen that smells amazing, a beautiful confection you can be proud of, and most importantly, a happy mom. If you need recipes to draw inspiration from, please look no further than these stunning creations by some of the coolest bakers out there.

This recipe for classic bee sting cake from Smitten Kitchen takes time, but it's also pretty perfect. A soft yeast-leavened cake, filled with cream and topped with caramelized almonds — Mom shall be wowed.

This citrusy lemon bundt cake from Once Upon a Chef is an ideal springtime dessert, making it just the thing to bake for Mother's Day.

This recipe from Epicurious is spring-ready. Coconut-key lime cake is bound to make any mom happy.

Homey pastas

The truth about moms? They just want to know you care, and there's no better way to show love than by preparing a dish of hot comforting pasta made for sharing. The most spectacular culinary feats need not be feats at all. Simple rustic pasta dishes made with high-quality ingredients, effective techniques, and lots of attention to detail can result in masterpieces that promise to have everyone at the table salivating — including your mom, of course. Whether you decide to make your own pasta from scratch or buy fresh noodles from a local Italian purveyor, be sure to choose seasonal ingredients and appropriate sauces for your dish. Nothing beats a thoughtful pasta dish. Trust me, your mom will agree. Need some help? Here are a few humble pasta dishes that taste absolutely celebratory.

Lidia Bastianich's pasta with basil pistachio pesto is the stuff dreams are made of. She's an Italian mom herself, so she knows her stuff.

This recipe from Epicurious makes a simple and warming dish of ricotta-filled ravioli that will please your mom along with everyone else at the table.

This easy recipe from The New York Times results in a delectable dish of penne alla Norma. The classic eggplant and pasta meal gets a definite upgrade in this take from Mark Bittman.

Comforting roasted chicken preparations

If you think of Mother's Day as very special Sunday supper, you can understand why roasted chicken ought to make an appearance. In my mind, slow, leisurely Sunday meals are all about savoring warm, comforting dishes. As such, your mom might appreciate the relaxed cozy feels of a perfectly fragrant roasted chicken dish that makes the most of its oven time to build flavor. Add your own herbaceous touches and serve with vibrant seasonal vegetables alongside to create a meal that reminds your mom of all the comfort and joy associated with home-cooked meals shared with loved ones. Here are some standout roasted chicken recipes to inspire a warming dish you would be pleased to serve for to mom.

Thomas Keller has a famous roasted whole chicken recipe. Watch him make it here and never look back.

Famous San Francisco's Zuni Cafe has an equally-famed roasted chicken dish that's insanely good. Make this for your mom on Mother's Day and then as often as possible thereafter.

This recipe from Foodie Crush combines chicken with fragrant rosemary, garlic, lemon, and butter to produce a downright irresistible roasted chicken.

Mouth-watering steak

For a more substantial, distinctly omnivorous meal on Mother's Day, get thee to a good butcher. For your mom's big day, try to buy the meat for your main course from a purveyor you trust. Whether you decide to grill a tender piece of steak or roast a succulent rack of lamb, you want to make sure you get the best cuts of meat possible. Red meat can be a wonderfully celebratory meal that'll make any mom feel like she's dining out at a five-star restaurant. This year, make your mom feel pampered by taking the time to conceive of just the right meat dish to suit her refined palate. These recipes should help give you a few ideas.

This classic steak recipe from The New York Times is simple, but meaty and rich. Made in a cast-iron skillet, it develops a beautiful crust while remaining perfectly succulent on the inside.

This recipe from Damn Delicious adds garlic butter to the steak equation and well, the math gets more perfect.

If you want to serve mom a thick piece of steak that's all about indulgence, try this recipe from Serious Eats. Lots of meat and butter are involved.

Elegant seafood

Moms are often busy with little time to dine out. As such, they're sure to enjoy an elegant seafood dish of restaurant caliber. While whole fish, lush sea scallops, or rich lobster may seem daunting to prepare, I assure you that it's entirely possible to do — and achieve fantastically delicious results. This year on Mother's Day, impress your mom and let her know how much you care by taking a visit to a reputable fishmonger. Purchase the highest quality of seafood you can manage and treat it to simple preparations that allows the ingredients' natural flavors to shine. Think succulent sea scallops, simply pan-seared in butter, roasted whole snapper, or fillets en papillote. Here a few recipes that look fancy but are easy-peasy to prep.

This recipe for salmon en papillote is not only elegant, it also makes for a lovely presentation when you unfold the parchment to reveal flaky fish and heaps of vibrant grape tomatoes.

Brown butter scallops and risotto is a timeless combination for good reason. Go timeless with this recipe from Pinch of Yum.

This recipe from Food & Wine makes an impression. Whole red snapper is roasted with aromatic herbs, making your kitchen smell heavenly along the way.

Vibrant salads

Salads get a bad rap and are often relegated to side dish or starter status. In fact, a vibrant and richly textured one can truly steal the show at a Mother's Day meal. The key is to use your imagination to guide you. Salads come in great varieties! From roasted vegetable salads topped with rich cheeses, and satisfying pasta salads speckled with briny olives, to vibrant greens accented by colorful radishes and classic varieties that always please, you have lots of options when it comes to fixing just the right one to suit your mom's palate. Be creative, take into account textures and flavors, and make it look stunning. Here are a few of my favorite ones.

Get seasonal with this recipe from Bon Appetit for a snap pea salad topped with creamy burrata cheese.

Go simple with this spring green salad from Food Network. As a side, it adds crunch and freshness without taking over.

This recipe from Cooking Channel is all about seasonal produce paired with unexpected flavors and ingredients. Miso butter and a poached egg take it to the next level.

Light but flavorful soups

A light seasonal soup can be a wonderful addition to a Mother's Day spread. Among the heartier dishes, it has the ability to stand out as different in the most delicious way. Serve it as a starter and go from there. Since this special day falls in the springtime, your best bet is to choose short-lived seasonal ingredients and simple flavorings. Some standout varieties to consider? Try a bright English pea soup, one with leeks and bacon, or a creamy asparagus concoction. Whichever soup you choose to make, try to keep them vibrant in color, light in texture, and garnish with care. Try these excellent warm-weather soups if you're not sure where to start.

This recipe from Bon Appetit produces a ridiculously beautiful green soup made with peas and cashews. It's creamy and ideal for Mother's Day.

Rich avocado soup? Yes, please. This recipe from Saveur shows you how it's done.

This recipe from Delish makes a lovely and light soup speckled with greens. Spinach and white beans add color and nourishing goodness.

Decadent finger foods

Elegant finger foods are a great way to bring people together on Mother's Day before the actual meal even begins. Create a well-curated spread by considering foods that are easy to pick up, not overly messy, and perfectly layered flavor-wise. You mom can surely appreciate small bites of fancy on her big day. Try whipping up seasonal bruschettas, candied nuts, marinated olives, or anything encased in flaky phyllo pastry. As you make your selections, think about variety and try to pair different complementary flavors together for maximum deliciousness. Here a few small bites to get you thinking about tasty bite-sized foods made especially for mom.

This fig and blue cheese bruschetta recipe from Food Network is packed with flavor and easy to pick up and eat while you're chatting with your mom and other guests.

This recipe for candied walnuts comes from Natasha's Kitchen. It takes all of five minutes to do, which is a godsend on a day when you're prepping other fab dishes for your mom.

This easy marinated olives recipe from The New York Times helps round out the Mother's Day spread with a simple and delightfully briny finger food dish.

Now that you're armed with ideas for the types of dishes your mom will love on Mother's Day, go on. You probably want to start making your shopping list. Enjoy the day.