Why Geoffrey Zakarian Waits To Salt His Burgers

Celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian is a man who definitely knows his way around a kitchen. He told Mashed in an exclusive interview that it's important to get the basics right. This means that the kitchen should be well-organized with a clean pantry and high-quality ingredients. He believes that it's not a good idea to use cheap ingredients because they're likely to disappoint. "Don't try to get things that are inexpensive. Get the best, get a small amount versus a large amount," he said.

Zakarian added that it also helps to practice often instead of being afraid of messing something up. "The great thing about food is you are able to cook, you're able to make a mistake, even a bad mistake, and still eat your mistake," he explained. Also, Zakarian believes that it's a good idea to buy a few basic tools such as a sharp knife and a good cutting board to ensure that things run smoothly.

When it comes to a fan favorite like burgers, the chef has some rules that he likes to keep in mind, and they include keeping it simple. He told Schweid and Sons that the ingredients that are needed for a great burger are "large grind, plenty of fat and kosher salt."

He has a good reason for it

According to Food Network, Zakarian has some reliable tips that help him come up with burgers that are full of unbeatable flavors. For example, he prefers being unconventional and cooking indoors with the help of a cast-iron skillet. Yep, Zakarian doesn't think you need an outdoor grill for the best results. Additionally, he ensures that the meat he's working with has reached room temperature before he begins cooking. His top tip is to add salt to the patty once it's on the pan, and after it's done cooking. Mixing the salt and pepper with the meat before cooking will dry out the burger.

As for that salt, believe it or not, the chef doesn't like to play around with too many spices and doesn't even add hamburger mix-ins with ingredients like onions or bacon to his burgers. He keeps things simple and just uses salt. Zakarian even tweeted about seasoning burgers the right way and wrote, "Pro tip: when making burgers, season with salt and pepper twice as much as you think." This helps ensure that you don't end up with a bland dish. In a 2006 interview with the Sioux City Journal, the chef also mentioned that you should avoid seasoning the meat and only add salt to the patty for the perfect balance of flavors. Now go ahead and make yourself a juicy hamburger!