These Godiva Products Still Use The Founder's Recipe

Anyone with a sweet tooth has a hard time resisting Godiva chocolates. Knowing that some of the company's recipes include those created by the original founder and date back to the brand's start in 1926 makes the candies even more tempting (via Godiva). This proves even more impressive, considering that many of Godiva's recipes have come and gone. 

Godiva employs five top-notch chocolatiers who collectively work to create new, amazing treats to tempt their customers (via The Daily Meal). From new angles on chocolate formulas to surprising flavors that shake things up, each professional chocolatier works for roughly a year on their candies before the products go through a series of tests and tastings to ensure the new ideas will be a hit. With such rigorous standards to meet, you know any of the original founder's recipes that are good enough to hang around for nearly a century have to be great.

A signature Godiva product with an original recipe

According to The Daily Meal, the current chocolatiers that create and test new recipes ultimately release 30 to 40 new recipes each year in addition to 11 seasonal chocolate collections. All of that adds up to roughly 290 million chocolates produced in Godiva's factory in Brussels, Belgium each year. Considering how much chocolate Godiva produces and sells each year, any recipe that survives through the years has to taste incredible.

Godiva's founder, Pierre Draps, created the original recipe for the Belgian company. In addition to the first chocolates, one of the many recipes that he made that is still produced by the chocolate company today is the praline. The founder's version of this recipe finds its way into bonbons that marry a coconut rum cream filling, a nougatine square, and a dark chocolate shell together along with the original hazelnut praline. The long history of the company has seen recipes come and go, but sometimes, a good candy just has to stick around and tempt chocolate fans for years to come.