Starbucks Fall Cup Collection Is Showing Up In Stores. Here's A Sneak Peak

Starbucks is a solid option to go to when you need a caffeine fix. As noted by Eat This, Not That!, the brand has more than 30,000 locations in different parts of the world. It's so popular, in fact, that you can even get your hands on customized, regional mugs at Starbucks in big cities around the globe. And, believe it or not, the article mentions that the CIA has access to a private Starbucks outlet that's reserved just for them. It's located somewhere inside the CIA campus in Washington, D.C., of course. Baristas here have solid background checks and no one is allowed to add names to cups in the interest of privacy. 

Not one to ever be outdone, the brand is coming up with a few surprises for customers this fall, too. According to Pop Sugar, there are special cups soon launching for purchase that will feature unexpected colors. We can bet you'll be tempted to grab at least one while you're buying yourself a hot cup of coffee. While these cups haven't been released in stores just yet, they've been spotted by a few customers already. And they look absolutely amazing.

The new Starbucks cups are popping with colors

As highlighted by Pop Sugar, Starbucks hasn't shared official details about its new line of reusable cups and tumblers yet, but most believe that these products are going to be worth the wait. It's a super vibrant collection with unexpected colors such as neon, hot pink, purple, and a mesmerizing shade of green, among other options. There are some beautiful patterns as well that haven't been seen previously — think intricate floral designs. 

According to Let's Eat Cake, even colorful studded cups are going to be up for grabs soon. Or, you can keep things simple and opt for a reusable metallic cup available in shades like teal, orange, pink, and more. Basically, there's a little something for everyone here. As noted by this Instagram user, some of these products have already been spotted in Target outlets. Of course, customers are blown away by what they've seen so far. Looks like the tumblers are going to be super popular once they're officially available in Starbucks.