Mexico Vs. The United States: Where McDonald's Hamburgers Taste Better, According To El Guzii - Exclusive

In case anyone's giving them out, El Guzii (aka Gustavo Figueroa) should receive an honorary doctorate in fast food. Chief among his many accomplishments that should earn him the title are: extensive, carefully orchestrated blind taste tests comparing fast food menu items common to different chains, including but not limited to, chicken nuggets, fries, wings, pizza, and donuts. He's also studiously recreated Cinnabon's cinnamon rolls, Sonic's chili dogs, and Pizza Hut's Takis Fuego Pizza (available — don't shoot the messenger — in Mexico). El Guzii also has an unexplained, honest, and unadulterated admiration for Taco Bell. "Being Mexican, I think a lot of people get offended, but I love Taco Bell," El Guzii proclaimed in an exclusive interview with Mashed. It's not that he thinks the chain sells authentic tacos. "I said it, I love Taco Bell ... Because [its tacos are] like a portable nacho ...  They're nachos, and I like nachos. That's my guilty pleasure." 

If you're one of Figueroa's 5.9 million subscribers, you know that the California-based YouTube sensation often travels to Mexico (via YouTube). When in Mexico, he also eats (drum roll, please) ... fast food. Have you already watched El Guzii's Mexico vs. The United States Burger King taste test? We asked the YouTuber for the details. "After a few times tasting different Burger King items from different Burger King restaurants, we noticed that maybe there's an issue with quality control because sometimes it would taste better in the U.S. and then sometimes it wouldn't," El Guzii reflected to Mashed. Quality control wasn't, however, an issue when the YouTuber compared McDonald's hamburgers — and his results might surprise you. 

Where McDonald's hamburgers taste better might surprise you

If El Guzii can't have a doctorate in fast food, he should have, at least, a Master of Science in McDonald's menu recreation. His conquests, recreated at home for his YouTube audience, include the Big Mac (via YouTube), the Filet-o-Fish (YouTube), McNuggets (via YouTube), and the forever disappearing and re-appearing fan favorite, the McRib (via YouTube). Test his recipes out if you want to confirm his expertise. 

"The quality control in McDonald's is beyond crazy," El Guzii assured Mashed. The YouTuber compared both the fast food chain's Big Macs and cheeseburgers in Mexico and the United States. "In Mexico, the meat actually tastes better," Figueroa revealed. "I don't know why." We asked El Guzii (more than once) to confirm his findings ... just to make sure we'd heard him correctly. "That's something that, to this day, I'm trying to figure out. I don't know why. I don't know. And that's 100% true," El Guzii asserted. "I've tried that [taste-test] so many times, [at] different restaurants."

We did some sleuthing of our own, and it seems that McDonald's burgers are slightly different when you cross the U.S.-Mexican border. A Big Mac in the United States? That'll cost you 550 calories, according to McDonald's menu. The same thing in Mexico? It's 10 calories less (via McDonald's Mexico). McDonald's U.S. Big Mac is also higher in sodium and fat — but lower in carbohydrates — than its Mexican counterpart. 

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