What It Really Means When A Bell Rings At Costco

Anyone who has shopped at Costco knows that there are some amazing finds at the store. Even those who do not have memberships are aware of the cult status this big box retailer has and what they are missing out on. But, despite all of the fan Instagram accounts dedicated to the latest and greatest items the store is stocking, there remains one Costco staple that stands above the rest. It's the store's rotisserie chickens.

Costco's rotisserie chickens are famous for a number of reasons, and customers just cannot get enough of them. First of all, they're only $4.99, which is a super low price for a whole chicken, making it one great steal of a deal (via Reader's Digest). They're so cheap that Costco actually loses $30 to $40 million on the millions of rotisserie chickens sold each year. However, their placement at the back of the store helps keep customers moving around the store, which increases the chances of them buying more. So, ultimately, it's a loss that helps Costco's bottom line.

But what does this have to do with a bell, you ask?

Costco's bell signals this

So, for those who are Costco rotisserie chicken fiends, it's absolutely worth knowing what the mysterious bell means. When you are walking around Costco and the bell sounds, it means a hot and fresh batch of rotisserie chickens has just been set out at the back of the store (via Eat This, Not That). Needless to say, those who want the best, freshest ones should start heading there right away. It's kind of like the Krispy Kreme "Hot Now" signs. When you hear the bell, you know there's no better time to pick up a rotisserie chicken than at that exact moment.

But, if you are looking to watch your wallet, then be mindful as you work through the store. Similar to the "Target Effect," product placement and the path you take through the store to get to those scrumptious rotisserie chickens could seriously add to your total bill if you are not careful. So, make a list of what you need and stick to it — apart from picking up that rotisserie chicken, perhaps.

You can use Costco rotisserie chickens for meal prep

Even if a rotisserie chicken isn't on your shopping list when you hear the bell ring, you should probably still pick one up. Costco's rotisserie chickens can be used in tons of different recipes — whether you want to eat it sliced with a side of vegetables or use the chicken in other dishes, like pot pie, casseroles, soups, sandwiches, and even chili (via Plain Chicken). But, even if you do not have time to use the chicken right away in a dish, Costco rotisserie chicken can also be the ultimate time-saving hack when you use it for meal prep. Simply slice the chicken away from the bones and place it in an air-tight container. Then stick it in the freezer so you'll have delicious pre-cooked chicken at the ready when you need it.

Another great thing about using Costco rotisserie chicken for meal prep is that you can also easily use what's leftover to make chicken bone broth. Minimalist Baker uses filtered water, apple cider vinegar, a splash of lemon juice, and herbs to make chicken bone broth with a chicken carcass. The homemade broth can then be used as the base for tons of delicious soups, among other dishes.

Chicken isn't the only deal on meat at Costco

There's another great deal on meat at Costco that a lot of people are missing out on, too. Even if rotisserie chicken isn't your thing, you can get a steal on ground beef at the big box retailer, according to Best Life Online. Apparently, Costco sells two versions of ground beef — one is all about generating greater profits, while the other is just as good and comes with some great savings per pound.

A former Costco employee explained it all on Reddit. They wrote, "We sell our regular ground beef for $3.49/pound. The way we make it is we take our fat trimmings from cutting steaks and mix it with the chubs to bring up the fat content and increase our profits. The 10 lb. chubs are probably sitting around 5 percent-8 percent fat and only cost $2.99/pound!" So, if you cannot find the 10-pound chub ground beef on your own at Costco, simply ask someone in the meat department to help you. While the prices might fluctuate, you should still get a great deal on their ground beef.

So, when you hear the bell, head for the rotisserie chicken. But don't forget to pick up a pack of ground beef for great savings, too.