Reddit Is Seriously Impressed With This Server's Skills

Being a server in a restaurant is hard work. Between keeping up a friendly demeanor, making sure food is served hot, cleaning up after each table, and just generally providing great service, it is a delicate balancing act for servers to make sure each customer has a great dining experience. But there is one talented server out there who has expert balancing skills in more ways than one.

Often, when transporting fragile dishes and glassware across the restaurant, servers will use bins or trays to reduce the amount of trips they have to make. However, one skilled server was able to make a single trip carrying over 10 delicate wine glasses using just one arm. One Reddit user was so impressed by the feat that they posted a picture of the anonymous server balancing the shocking number of glasses along his arm onto the social media site. "He didn't drop any of it — he walked across the restaurant with that," u/Depressedpotatoowo remarked in awe.

Reddit users praised this server's impressive balancing act

They were far from the only social media users impressed by this server's remarkable balancing talent. Many others had lots of praise for the server's excellent display of skill. "Give this man a medal of honor. Do not give him a bin to carry those safely," Redditor u/final_vill remarked. 

Fellow restaurant workers were also quick to commend the amount of effort it takes to be able to pull off a trip across a busy restaurant without breaking a single wine glass. "The most valuable skill I learned from working in restaurants is how to hold a lot of stuff at once. This person is a master," u/caulimelon wrote. One user called it a "boss move," while another joked, "I broke three glasses just looking at this." Although he has not been identified, this server has proved that it takes quite a bit of skill to be a successful restaurant worker and that people will definitely take notice when they see someone excelling at their job.