The Burger King Video Games You Probably Forgot Existed

Burger King might be known for its onion rings and other popular menu items like its Double Whopper, but if you're a serious gamer, you might remember that the fast-food chain had several of its own games made for the Xbox. According to Electronic Gaming Monthly, the fast-food chain had a total of three games: "PocketBike Racer," "Big Bumpin'," and "Sneak King." All were released in the early 2000s, and had their own unique charm.

"PocketBike Racer" is commonly compared to "Mario-Kart," but has its own unique, Burger King twist. You see a lot of familiar characters, like Burger King's mascot, a man dressed in a burger suit, and a woman in a red onesie (via Electronic Gaming Monthly).

"Big Bumpin'," on the other hand, brings players to a virtual amusement park setting. It stations their characters in colorful, neon bumper cars for gamers to compete with their friends in a series of mini games. This game is perfect for a night in, alongside some Burger King takeout to munch on throughout the evening.

What these games meant to the burger chain

"Sneak King" is arguably Burger King's most famous and beloved video game. It involved the player, or the King, jumping onto an unsuspecting passersby and surprising them with a Burger King product, according to Electronic Gaming Monthly, which pointed out that the games were "a radical new idea for the brand: games based on their newest mascot."

However, it wasn't only fans who commend Burger King's video game creation efforts. "The games needed to be incredibly on-brand for Burger King, and we had never appreciated the effort and depths that these agencies go to when they create these novelty characters," said Chris Swan, project manager of Burger King Titles at U.K.-based Blitz Games.

Burger King hasn't pushed out any new video games recently, but we're hopeful that maybe they'll try their hand at the art again. Until then, these video games will continue to live in our memories and our cabinets rent free.