Good News For Fans Of Costco's Broccoli Cheddar Soup

"The best store-bought broccoli cheddar soup I've ever had," says superfan CostcoHotFinds (via TikTok). Most people are familiar with Costco's deli and know that some items can come and go – which you might especially expect during a time of pandemic-related food supply shortages. Luckily for soup fans, the Kirkland Signature Broccoli Cheddar Soup is back! Well, it's back in the Dallas, Texas area apparently, and if you're lucky, in other markets as well. The soup is sold in a 2-pack containing 2-pound plastic tubs of soup (via Instacart).

The soup is refrigerated, perishable, microwavable, and is made without artificial flavors. In addition to sea salt, the ingredients include broccoli florets and cheddar cheese, with seasonings such as garlic and onion. A 1-cup serving has about 190 calories (via Costcuisine). Prices may vary by location, but in the TikTok video, it appears CostcoHotfinds found a  pair of soups that sold for cost $7.99. Costcusine, which reviewed the soup in February 2020, purchased a 2-pack for about $8.70 ($10.99 in Canadian dollars).

Microwave now or freeze for later

CostcoHotFinds spruced up this soup by adding shredded cheese and eating with a fresh Costco baguette, which they said was "also amazing" (via TikTok). You might wonder, like one TikTok commenter, if this soup is suitable for freezing in case you want to save it for later. A commenter named Heather said, "We had no issues with freezing and reheating! We've only froze an unopened container tho." Fan Tricia Turney added, "I'm a family of one and I freeze in ziplock freezer bags (twice) if I plan on not eating within a month." 

This deal has many excited. CostcoHotFinds said they braved 100-degree weather just to get some. A commenter posted "*runs to costco*" and others inquired about the price and location. Many users declared the Kirkland Signature Broccoli Cheddar Soup their "favorite." However, at least according to one review, the dish is a little saltier than some people might prefer. Specifically, Costcuisine rated the food a 7/10 for taste, 7.5/10 for cost, 10/10 for convenience, and 2/10 for nutrition.

It seems like the biggest complaint that fans of this broccoli-cheddar duet may have is that it's often not on offer. According to Costcuisine, this soup is only available a few months a year, so don't hesitate to go purchase some right away if you need a hit of warm, cheesy comfort food.