Burger King Fans Won't Want To Miss Out On This Back-To-School King Jr. Meal Deal

The GOAT BK is doing a little something for the kiddos returning to school this year. According to Chew Boom, Burger King is running a back-to-school promotion through September 3rd, in which those who purchase an adult combo meal are offered a free King Jr. meal for free. So, if you're a parent who is stoked to have their kids returning to school but not stoked about how much extra meal-planning is involved in their absence (or you just love getting free food from Burger King regardless of how small), this may be the good news you've been waiting for.

The Chew Boom article explains that all one needs to do to secure the free kids' meal is to visit Burger King's website (or the app on your phone, if you're next-level), and check out the "Offers" tab. Snag that back-to-school deal and purchase an adult combo meal, and you're on your way to some (free) quiet time in the car as your kid chows down on their Jr. entree, side, and drink from participating locations. You can thank us by sharing this with the next desperate-looking parent you see.

When Burger King pushes for kid promos, everybody wins

This time last year, the Burger King was pushing his subjects to get on the app train by offering a free kids meal to anyone who spent a dollar or more on the BK app, according to the restaurant's Instagram. While this year's back-to-school promo is no less generous, it does involve the participating adult in a child's life to fork over a little more cash. Still, it's nice (and fiscally-savvy) to think of the students this time of year – reminiscent of that time last year when Burger King gave free Whoppers to those brainy enough to answer a school-related question posted to its social media channels. According to USA Today, the fast food chain wanted "to reward students who [were] continuing to study hard through the worldwide pandemic."

These cheesy promotions make a whopper of an effort to reach out to kids and hook 'em while they're young. Still, as a quick scan of the "Offers" page of Burger King's website will prove, BK's marketing methods certainly do not discriminate based on age; you don't have to be a kid to appreciate "Fry Friday," in which patrons are treated to free fries with a $1 purchase, or the free sandwich new app users will get when they register and spend $3 or more. In fact, young or old, perhaps there's never been a better time to be a constituent in the kingdom of burgers.