This Surprising Farm Animal Was Spotted Waiting In A McDonald's Drive-Thru Line

The drive-thru is the ultimate casual dining experience. You never leave your car, you won't spend a ton of money, and you'll barely have to interact with another person. Drive-thrus are open late, serve a variety of deliciously salty or sweet foods, and make for a perfect quick meal if you're on the road, in a hurry, or maybe if you just have a Chick-fil-A craving (we get them all the time; it's fine). 

We know that there are all sorts of interesting experiences that come from working in a drive-thru. There's a Reddit thread full of hilarious anecdotes, including the story of a diaper-wearing monkey that jumped through the window to collect a customer's change, and people who claim they've had patrons ride through and grab a meal on horseback. There's no shortage of interesting stories, but this latest one is especially surprising once you learn the details. An animal was spotted in a car at a McDonald's drive-thru, and it certainly was not a dog or a cat.

Old McDonald's had a cow

Recently spotted at a McDonald's drive-thru was an entire cow in the backseat of someone's Buick. You read that correctly, small car, large animal. Jessica Nelson from Mosinee, Wisconsin, the person who took the video of the bovine, shared it on Facebook, writing, "A WHOLE FREAKING COW!!! Tell me you live in Wisconsin without telling me you live in Wisconsin." It turns out there were actually three cows in total in the backseat of a Buick, which really blows us away. 

Now, in case you're if these were three full-grown cows in a Bunyanesque Buick designed to transport blue oxen, that wasn't exactly the situation. The cow owner's family reached out to Nelson and told her that what she saw was just a calf that was joined by two more calves that were lying down in the car. They had recently been purchased at an auction (via Today). Three small cows in the backseat of a small car at the drive-thru of a burger joint. Just another day in America's Dairyland. We can only wonder what the cows ordered. But if we had to guess, we'd say they would have preferred Chick-fil-A for obvious reasons.