The Surprising Gift Some Swiss Residents Get When They Turn 100

Living to the age of 100 doesn't seem like an easy feat, but apparently it's happening more than ever. With the advancements in healthcare and technology, the eldery population is living well past our ancient ancestors. In fact, the United Nations anticipates the number of centenarians to rise even further this year to an impressive 573,000 worldwide. But surely there must be some secret to longevity, right? Well ... Sort of.

Many people that live past a century say they are very intentional about what they eat. According to CNBC, research shows that centenarians have consumed a lot of whole foods in their lives that aren't overly processed. They also make sure to have raw fruits and vegetables and stay away from digesting artificial preservatives. Another more fun way that many say they've reached this milestone age, is through drinking red wine in moderation. So, what better way to celebrate a 100-year-old's birthday than by giving them free bottles of vino?

The Swiss canton Firbourg gives centenarians a staggering amount of free wine

If you're a resident of the Swiss canton Firbourg that makes it to this inspiring milestone, the government helps you celebrate by gifting you 100 bottles of local wine, per Bloomberg. When you officially become a centenarian in this region, a state councilor and local government representative visit your home with a bouquet of flowers and offer you free bottles of the fermented grape juice. The town has been offering this sweet deal since 2000 and says that rarely anyone turns it down. However, if someone does decide to forgo the alcohol, they have a backup option.

Townspeople can also choose to donate $1,646 to charity or they can even receive a voucher to spend at a local store in the canton. "In 2020, we celebrated 27 centenarians," said Claude Freiburghaus, Fribourg state bailiff. "Five of them opted for the donation and two for the gift voucher." But just because this Swiss area offers such a generous gift, don't assume everywhere in the region does. Other cantons offer just three bottles of wine or a bouquet of flowers as a present. Sounds like Firbourg is the right place to retire and live out our golden years.