Here's How Turmeric Salt Is Really Doing After Shark Tank

Ask someone who's never seen the television show "Shark Tank" how turmeric salt is doing these days, and they might think you're referring to the latest indie band they've never heard of. If turmeric salt sounds like a catchy name, it's an even catchier health trend, and some even believe it's the future of vegan seasoning.

According to JADA, you may have watched Khasha Touloei and Maynard Okereke take the stage during Season 12 of "Shark Tank." When they pitched their idea for a line of vegan seasonings, Touloei was a practicing dermatologist and Okereke an engineer and creative, but all that changed when the Sharks gave their dream an investment boost. "Khasha is the only person who can go from a skin cancer removal to negotiating a distributor deal literally within 10 minutes," Okereke boasted. The product they pushed in those days was chicken salt, a seasoning inspired by Touloei's upbringing in Australia, where, according to Epicurious, the seasoning enjoys a massive following. The green light from "Shark Tank" meant that the pair's day jobs became a side hustle, and salt seasonings turned into their bread and butter.

Turmeric salt can turn heads

As a doctor, Touloei didn't love the amount of MSG, sodium, and other ingredients found in other chicken salt recipes, and developed his own mix, with turmeric at the heart of the flavor profile. "Turmeric is anti-inflammatory, amazing for your bones and joints, great for your heart and digestion, and has proven healing properties," Touloei said in a video on JADA's website. It wasn't long before he and Okereke started experimenting with flavored chicken salts featuring lime, red pepper, and barbecue chicken salt. Turmeric always found its way to the center of their seasonings and the brand's turmeric salt — an all-purpose vegan seasoning with onion, garlic, and spices — can replace table salt or chicken bouillon (via JADA).

Cinemaholic reports that the "Shark Tank" vets still feel as passionate as ever about their salts, and have added plant-based chicken mixes to their product line. Okereke and Touloei continue to wow vegans and the vegan-curious with their particular brand of flavorful seasonings at vegan festivals and on the QVC. In 2020, Chef Valerie Bertinelli even gave the entrepreneurs a huge shoutout on her Food Network show, "Valerie's Home Cooking," bringing turmeric salt that much closer to being a household table-topper. With that kind of brand recognition, maybe it won't be long before there is a band called Turmeric Salt.