Reddit Is Obsessed With This Giant Chocolate Dragon Sculpture

Anyone that has ever been sucked into a show like "Holiday Baking Championship" because of the hyper-realistic and impressive skills the bakers have, will be obsessed with this latest viral confection. A world-renowned pastry chef and French chocolatier, Amaury Guichon, can make it seems almost anything out of chocolate (via My Modern Met). The mind-bending creations he's sculpted out of chocolate so far have included the likes of a phoenix, a life-sized robot, and even a demogorgon right out of Netflix's "Stranger Things." 

All of his impressive creations can be found on the Las Vegas-based chocolatier's Instagram account, @amauryguichon. However, his latest concoction has captured everyone's attention on Reddit. In a mesmerizing video, Guichon builds a sea monster completely out of chocolate from the table up. He even has to stand on the counter at one point to place the finer details of the dragon, such as its scales. As spectacular as the chocolate sculpture is, it truly comes to life after Guichon paints it.

This is what Redditors are saying

Thanks to the depth and layers Guichon builds out of chocolate, the sea monster looks very lively, which is only enhanced by the blue and white paint he uses to finish off the masterpiece. Needless to say, many Redditors that watched the video were amazed. One person wrote, "On this one i actually couldn't stop watching." Another said, "This dude is super talented. I feel like he could make this using whatever material he wanted." Another comment read, "He's literally a sculptor, just using chocolate."

But not all Redditors were ready for the awesome chocolate sculpture to be painted. Some were critical of the finished look because it wasn't clear that he had made the artwork out of chocolate after it had been painted. One Redditor said, "The coloring always ruins it for me, I'm like 'great now who knows or cares that's it chocolate, It just looks like plastic now.'" Someone else responded, "Absolutely. It covers up all the craftsmanship. I would have much preferred them use various combinations of dark, semi-sweet, and white chocolate for coloring." Regardless, this is an incredibly impressive work of art and the talent behind it can't be denied.