Burger King Has More International Locations Than You Might Think

Flipping burgers may seem like a perfectly opportune way to make a fortune, but a lot of effort has to be poured into creating a business masterpiece — even if you happen to be a hyperactive dolphin with a penchant for beef. After gathering up bags stuffed with ingredients, you then have to master the art of making the perfect hamburger, including its patty, sauces, and salad seasoning — with no burning or undercooking allowed. All of those inevitable disasters have to be overcome before the all-important selling location is chosen.

Burger King's knowledge of selecting ideal restaurant locations appears to be superior given that it has acquired over 7,200 restaurants in the United States alone (via ScrapeHero) and led the company's owner, Restaurant Brands International, which also operates Popeye's and Tim Hortons, to achieve yearly sales of $32 billion (via RBI). However, Burger King's American outlets are a mere drop in the bucket compared to its enormous global operation.

Burger King operates thousands of restaurants around the world

According to Statista, there are over 18,500 Burger King locations across the globe in 2021, which marks an increase of about 8,000 over the past 10 years. The fast food chain's official website reveals there are 73 total countries and territories where it operates from, including the United Arab Emirates, Barbados, and St. Maarten (via Burger King).

As previously noted, a considerable chunk of the company's restaurants are located in the U.S., but some areas are more thrilled about them than others. Information from ScrapeHero shows that Texas holds the title of being the state with the most Burger Kings with Florida following in second place and California landing in third.

Creating burgers since 1954, the vast majority of Burger King's international restaurants are run on a day-to-day basis by independent franchisees. Many of them are managed by families that have looked after the Burger King brand for years, helping it to achieve its incredible world domination (via RBI).