Brad Pitt Just Became The Face Of This Luxury Coffee Brand

Film star Brad Pitt just landed a different sort of gig as the brand ambassador for the Italian company De'Longhi, well-known around the world for its high end coffee and coffee machines. The new partnership will be splashed about as part of the Treviso, Italy-based company's international "Perfetto" campaign, per People. That's "Perfect" to you non-Italian speakers out there. Indeed, it seems like a "perfetto" partnership for a guy that has next-level love for his morning cup of Joe. 

"To me coffee is not just a drink. It creates connections, it allows you to carve a moment for yourself; to pause and enjoy the moment," Pitt tells People. It also doesn't hurt that the celeb can totally afford the De'Longhi brand — coffee beans retail for $14.99 per 12 ounce bag, and a coffee maker runs upward of $200. Although pricier than the average store-brand, it's safe to say that many coffee enthusiasts drop at least as much on the regular during their Starbucks trips, so we're not judging.

The details of the "Perfetto" campaign

Italians don't front when it comes to coffee. The sexy-accented Mediterranean people mean serious business, and Pitt is fully on board with letting people know just how worth it the De'Longhi brand is. "The European, specifically Italian idea about creating a sort of ceremony associated with coffee—I like that idea... of sitting down on my couch and really enjoying my cup of coffee," he told People. The image of ceremony, luxury, and enjoyment is reflected in the campaign advertisements. 

The brand spared no expense, hiring A-listers like composer Justin Hurwitz and cinematographer Linus Sandgren (both of "La La Land" fame), as well as well-known director Damien Chazelle. Together, the team projects an elegant, yet somewhat relatable image of the actor as he purchases coffee beans, goes for a motorcycle ride, and enjoys his morning brew from the comfort of his home. Keep an eye out for the Pitt-centric commercial on mainstream media near you, or check it out on the De'Longhi site. Warning — even non-coffee drinkers are likely to want a bag or two of the good beans after watching. Pitt has that effect on people.