The Untold Truth Of Enlightened Ice Cream

Enlightened Ice Cream captured the attention of many dessert lovers thanks to its minimal serving of calories, sugar, and carbohydrates. According to, the brand came about back in 2012 when founder Michael Shoretz wanted to create ice cream for his personal training clients. This treat had to contain a high amount of protein while slashing out all the empty calories found in other kinds of frozen desserts. As a long-time dessert lover himself, Shoretz didn't want to lose flavor at the expense of any health benefits, and vice versa, and created the company after releasing the first frozen dessert bars.

Since then, Enlightened has blossomed into a highly popular, viral ice cream brand with over 275,000 followers on its Instagram account. With its large social media presence, it's only a matter of time until this frozen dessert finds its way into your freezer. If the myriad of flavors can't win you over, the product's history can get anyone curious to grab a pint or three on their next grocery run. 

Enlightened has healthier desserts that fit in with diet plans

Good keto ice cream is hard to come by. According to Healthline, traditional ice cream generally has a high carb count, and trying to find a delicious option that caters to low-carb diets like keto feels challenging whenever you go on an ice cream run. Luckily, Enlightened has made its name thanks to carrying a ton of frosty desserts for anyone looking to manage their sugar intake. Eat This, Not That! states that the brand meets its keto goals by being lower in sugars.

Even if you don't follow a keto diet, you can find something to love in this health-forward treat. If you have nutrition goals and want a frozen treat that doesn't include a ton of calories, you can grab whole pints of the company's ice cream that only add up to 400 calories total (via Enlightened). Alternatively, their light dessert bars make for a perfect sweet treat after dinner that only clocks in at 90 calories per serving. It's safe to say, whatever your diet goals are, Enlightened has just what you need.

Enlightened raises the bar on flavor

Enlightened makes it easy to find some unique ice cream flavors that cater to dairy-free eating plans. Products like Dairy-Free Chocolate Almond Macaron and Dairy-Free Monkey Business Bars can tempt the sweet tooth of anyone (via Enlightened). Junk Banter even compiled a list that ranks 21 of the company's flavors and is perfect to reference if you're ever stuck in the freezer section of the grocery store, debating between the Brownie and Cookie Dough or the Snickerdoodle.

Even if you aren't the biggest fan of ice cream, Enlightened also has several other treats, ranging from keto cheesecakes to sugar-free chocolate syrup. It even has this delicious creation called Dough Bites, which are essentially just mini ice cream balls and are perfect if you want an on-the-go dessert. When you get a craving for some dairy-free sweets, you can't go wrong picking up a box of the brand's popsicles or pints of ice cream.

The ice cream has tons of protein for a reason

According to Enlightened, Michael Shoretz, the founder of the company, is a personal trainer. Thanks to Shoretz's expertise, the brand places a high priority on its products to be tailored towards those who want an extra protein boost. A Men's Journal article revealed that Shoretz is a competitive Olympic weightlifter, giving him a unique insight into what it takes to make this special ice cream.

The company's chocolate pint only clocks in at 70 calories per serving with 6 grams of protein, which is great if you are keeping an eye on your macro intake. The secret lies in the pumped-up ingredients, like oat flour and whole grain brown rice protein. With extra boosts like this, packing some extra protein into each dessert serving proves that much easier.

Enlightened has a strong social media presence

Enlightened has attracted a massive following on TikTok. Like most people's reactions to seeing the company's products in person, many users on the social media platform couldn't believe the desserts' glowing nutrition breakdown. TikTok user @chelsweets demonstrated how to make an ice cream sandwich using the brand's treats, which the comments went wild for. Another TikToker posted a video review on her account, in which she taste-tested their ice cream flavors. One user commented on the video, "Oh my god I'm headed to the store gonna get all these."

The brand keeps its image up-to-date with a blog section on their website in which the experts and sweet-toothed fans dish on all things related to their products (via Enlightened). Fans of the desserts have the chance to engage with the company, like @rvafitfoodie who wrote a delicious recipe for Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Sandwiches that you can easily recreate at home. With this much attention to the online community, it just makes sense that Enlightened found a dedicated fan base.

Enlightened is an advocate of small, local businesses

Like many other dessert brands, Enlightened was founded by somone who wanted to share his joy of ice cream with others. Unfortunately, there isn't a physical parlor that sells the signature ice cream just yet, but the brand is actually a huge supporter of small, local businesses. On July 19, 2020, the company encouraged its customers to scoop local (via PR Newswire). Furthermore, Shoretz and company told its audience to nominate local ice cream shops all over the country to support this cause.

Enlightened even released a statement on the importance of ice cream shops in local communities. The brand stated on their website that, "Ice cream shops are a vital part of their communities, spreading joy and creating opportunities for people to succeed as small-business owners." In honor of National Ice Cream Day during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company urged its patrons to donate to the James Beard Foundation. With a strong, community-driven ethos, Shoretz and his frozen, sweet dream found their place in the dessert world and continues to turn heads among those looking for a wholesome dessert.