What Will Probably Happen If You Use A Fake Name At Chick-Fil-A

Names are notoriously sore subjects for takeout places (or points of humor, depending on the situation). For Starbucks, in particular, many claim the franchise has absolutely butchered their names. Sites like Brightside and Just Something captured lists of hilariously misspelled names by Starbucks baristas, like spelling Aline as Alien, Mark as Pork, Marc with a "c" as Cark and even just scribbling lines on a cup. 

And, while some posit that there is a reason behind such mistakes (that reason supposedly being for the social media buzz) the franchise denies it — but there is no denying the fun to be had with mistaken or even made up names. So, when it comes to Chick-fil-A, a company notorious for going above and beyond to make its customers happy, what exactly is the protocol for names that employees suspect may not actually be real? Do they employ a policy similar to Starbucks and misspell it accidentally on purpose or do they go another route?

What happens to those who use a fake name at Chick-fil-A

According to Reddit, Chick-fil-A takes a similar customer friendly policy to fake namers as they do with all other customers. u/VastAdvice posed the question, "[What would they] do if I had a hard to spell or say name? When you get around to the window and they mispronounce your name do customers get mad? Confused? Also, do people give fake names? Like, can I say I'm 'Batman'?" 

One user, applegal101, replied, "We actually have a customer who goes by Batman! His license plate on his car says Batman also. It's fun to see him in the drive thru- just gives us a laugh." Another named Clear_supermarket_66 said, "We write 'CFA guest' or I just write out the phonetics of what I heard. Also yes, please give us fake names that are funny. It's the only thing that keeps the job interesting." But when in doubt, Head5hot811, replied, " We just put '??' and go about our day. If we have to address them later? Just repeat their order or say, 'You had the $XX order starting with a #XX, right?'" Sounds like they certainly have a solid system in place!