This Picture Has Chick-Fil-A Fans Disappointed

'Disappointing' is one word that's not often associated with Chick-fil-A. In fact, the fast food chain's employees are known for going above and beyond for customers on countless occasions. There was the Chick-fil-A in Texas that helped out a teacher working in New Mexico who forgot her purse by not only overnighting it back to her, but also adding in gift cards and other freebies as a surprise (via ABC News).

Other stories highlight employees who replaced the tire on a veterans car, retrieved a distracted customers phone from a storm drain when they dropped it while dealing with their child, and another who held onto a customers $3 change every day for over a month until the customer returned so he could give it to him (via Indigo 9). The most disappointing thing about the restaurant was the controversy surrounding the brand's donations to organizations opposed to gay rights, which it has since stopped providing (via USA Today). So you would be hard-pressed to think of what could be causing people to be so disappointed. But alas, they are. Here's why.

A picture is worth a thousand words

People have some choice words for Chick-fil-A, especially those worried with food waste. An image posted on Reddit features Chick-fil-A leftovers and the note: "All of this will be trashed." The image shows two shelves full of various fried chicken pieces, chicken nuggets, and other food items that seem to be ready to be thrown away.

One Redditor, Toshio_Magic, suggested, "Tell your operator. They should not be having the kitchen cook this much chicken," while another, Darujiboo, noted that the reasoning is that "most of the time it's because on certain nights you'd think there was going to be a rush near closing time which is often difficult to deal with and screws up your timing for getting everything cleaned up when you have small staff." A Chick-fil-A employee defended others against the franchise by telling commenters that, according to policy, "Stores have a tendency to view it as stealing (ex: breader drops more or desserts person makes an extra shake on purpose of the sake of having more waste to take home)." 

It is easy to see how this would be disappointing from a franchise, especially one known for its good deeds. Hopefully the backlash will act as a call to action for Chick-fil-A to clean up its policies and allow employees to take or give away foods that would otherwise go to waste.