This Gross TikTok Has People Swearing Off Olive Garden Soup

Some things are really amusing when they happen to other people. At least, that's what one person learned a few days ago when dining at Olive Garden.

Posting about a rather gross experience at the restaurant on TikTok, @luis_a_951 shared a video of himself staring in horror at his soup as he reached for a spoon and gently lifted a large bug from the yellowy broth. The fact that Kreepa's "Oh No" plays in the background was a nice finishing touch.

Of course, there was plenty of shock and horror from the hordes of viewers, which have provided 202,000 likes and counting as of publication. Many of those viewers also took the opportunity to make fun of the situation. "A-live garden," one person commented. Another noted that, "At least you know your food is really from a garden." And a third tagged Olive Garden, asking, "What's this recipe?"

The original poster, Luis, however, was not so amused. He explained that when he brought the soup to the attention of Olive Garden, they simply offered him, well, more soup. For those wondering, Luis posted that this happened at the Riverside, California location, and he mentioned he left "ASAP, no check."

A few TikTok followers commented they weren't that surprised

A few commenters on the TikTok video claimed to be servers at the restaurant who have seen much worse in their time at Olive Garden.

"I just quit my job at OG last week. ... Yeah trust me there's worse than that," wrote one person. And another said, "As a host who's quitting Olive Garden wait til you see what happens behind the scenes."

Though a few others exclaimed that their Olive Garden location was actually a site of extreme cleanliness. Said one person, "I used to work at Olive Garden and it was cleaner than Starbucks. I saw the way they deep cleaned the kitchen every night. Must have been management."

Still others commented on wanting to know why people still ate at Olive Garden in the first place. "Is it just me but lately [I] think Olive Garden is over hyped up or like over rated, only the breadsticks and salad are good. Not one main dish is good," said one person. "Olive Garden is the McDonald's of Italian food," said another.

And really, besides one person's self-deprecating defense of the brand in Bon Appétit, no one ever seems too keen to champion it. 

"People make fun of it because it's a symbol for everything frustrating about national chain restaurants in general," one person wrote on Reddit as an explanation for how, despite all the negativity, people still patronize it. "Probably none of your friends are really all that fond of Olive Garden. But when no one can agree on anything more interesting, you end up there anyway because everyone knows what to expect from it."

However, now there is the chance to have another interesting surprise you won't know to expect from it, too.