TikTok Is Unimpressed By This Bizarre Peanut Butter Nail Tutorial

This TikTok user has definitely got people talking, but not in a good way. TikTok user ilysmnails has created what they describe as a "Smooth Peanut Butter Nail" and the internet is collectively raising an eyebrow. In her video, she smears smooth peanut butter on top of her fingernail, then adds a clear false nail on top. The idea is that instead of purchasing actual nail equipment to help buff out all those nicks and ridges, you can DIY it all with peanut butter at home! Is this some kind of a joke? We hope so.

Comments on ilysmnails' video reference rats, mold, peanut allergies, and all sorts of other yucky things you wouldn't want on your hands. TikTok user mrs.moralesjasmine says what we're all thinking: "I don't understand why people use food doesn't it smell bad afterwards? I'm just saying because I don't understand." Replies user Mama Greeen, "I think they just want the attention. tbh." and user Hilts_Ava adds, "@you.missed.the.joke." 

So, peanut butter nails are probably a joke, but remember, people in this world have eaten Tide Pods. So just to be safe, we're going to explain why this is a bad idea.

Peanut butter is best left in the kitchen

Food should not go on your fingernails. Despite the fact we keep it in our cupboard, peanut butter can become rancid over time (via Allrecipes). While the finished product shown in the TikTok actually doesn't look too bad, the chances of it being 100% water-tight are pretty slim. That means as soon as you wash your hands, your peanut butter will start to dissolve. At best your hands will begin to smell like stale peanut-y sink water, and at worst, mold or other toxins may grow. Nail filler is made of a specific substance for a reason, Shape explains. It strengthens, fills, and lasts a long time to help improve nail quality – and it has silica and calcium to thank for that, not legumes and sugar.

And then there's common courtesy to consider. According to ACAAI, 2.5% of U.S. children may have a peanut allergy as of 2017, and such allergies can be literally deadly. The user herself seems aware of this danger, but still created the nail art anyway. Ilysmnails shares, "Is anyone allergic to peanuts? Please be careful and stay away from this nail." The comment wasn't very well received as many posters shared stories about how even a scratch of this manicure could have dire consequences for them. So basically, joke or not, this manicure is in poor taste. If you want the look, just grab some polish, and save the PB for your PB&J.