Dunkin' Rewards Members Won't Want To Miss This Free Drink Deal For Fall

With fall just around the corner, coffee chains and quick-service stations have already started rolling out their seasonal beverages. For some, that means all things pumpkin spice. Others are incorporating maple, spiced caramel, and apple drinks into their menu for a broader range of options. Dunkin' is also getting in on the action and has just released its fall-inspired drinks, which included several new items.

There is now a pumpkin cream cold brew drink, a signature pumpkin spice latte, and a couple of new refresher flavors including cranberry-apple that have also hit the menu for fall (via Dunkin' Donuts). To top it all of, there are donuts, muffins and munchkins to match the seasonal flavors too. While these sweet treats are certainly enough to put anyone in the mood for fall, Dunkin' is making the season so much sweeter with its "Free for Fall" promotion (via Dunkin' Donuts). For a limited time, Dunkin' fans can get a free drink including the new fall-flavored drinks.

This is how you can get a free drink

To get a free drink, you'll need to be a Dunkin' rewards member. Luckily, signing up for the DD Perks rewards program is free and super easy in the app. Once you are a member, simply make three purchases at Dunkin' within a week — Monday to Sunday — to earn a free beverage (via QSR Web). Even if you only purchase a single coffee each time, this deal is definitely going to save you money if you frequently visit Dunkin' already. Normally, every dollar spent at Dunkin' earns rewards members five points. 

After earning 200 points, rewards members can get a free drink. With the "Free for Fall" promotion, you simply need to make three purchases rather than earn 200 points. However, to take advantage of this sweet deal, you'll need to visit between September 6 and October 3. After that, the promotional deal will end. That does mean you could earn a free drink every week for the whole month of September, though. So, if you haven't already visited Dunkin' for your pumpkin spice fix, head there to try them all. After purchasing three, you'll get your fourth drink free, after all.