Trader Joe's Has Good News For Fans Of Its Apple Caramel Greek Yogurt

Shopping at Trader Joe's promises a veritable buffet of adorable quirks (think Hawaiian-shirt-wearing employees, for one thing). These quirks help drive both first-time and repeat customers to the chain's various locations across the U.S. Ultimately, however, it appears that the reason people keep returning to this beloved discount chain, which earned fifth place in YouGov's survey of the most popular grocery stores in America, is the fact that its inventory of food items is so wonderfully whimsical and eclectic while, at the same time, surprisingly well-priced and more or less healthy (via Business Insider). 

It also doesn't hurt that there are a number of "cult of Trader Joe's" social media accounts, which have their own cult followings, including Instagram's "Trader Joe's List." With 1.7 million followers, many of whom check out their posts daily for news of new deals and limited-time offerings at the nautical-themed store (via Winsight Grocery Business), this super-Trader Joe's influencer clearly has a finger on the pulse of all that is new, current, and good at TJ's. 

That, of course, brings us to the latest news out of TJ-land. And for fans of fall flavors like apples with caramel, not to mention those who can't resist the richly tart tang of a full-fat Greek yogurt, the news is very, very good (via Instagram).

The ever-popular fall-themed apple caramel Greek yogurt is back at Trader Joe's

"It's back!" gushed Instagrammer and Trader Joe's super-fan, "Trader Joe's List," of the popular seasonal healthy snack that is Trader Joe's Apple Caramel Greek Yogurt. And not a moment too soon, if you're going by the response from followers. Made with whole milk for a richer mouth-feel and offering what the post calls a "nice balance of tang and tart" as well as a "a lot more caramel flavor" than might be expected, this apples-and-caramel-infused, calcium and protein bomb is available in Trader Joe's locations now. 

What makes this news even better for Trader Joe's fans is that it appears that this item is back after having been unavailable during the height of the pandemic — at least that's what one of the comments implied. "All time favorite yogurt," they wrote. "So glad it's back after last year's hiatus."

Whether you're a steadfast fan of apple caramel Greek yogurt or just kind of curious about trying it, we have even more good news. Trader Joe's has priced the 5.3-ounce individual servings at a mere 99 cents a pop, according to Trader Joe's List (via Instagram)."Who else is excited for apple season?" Trader Joe's List asked, albeit rhetorically when you consider how overwhelmingly positive the response (in the form of comments) has been.