The Hilarious Way Sunny Anderson Clapped Back At Negative Commenters

Celebrity chef Sunny Anderson is a fun personality and an inspiration for many fans. She never lets online bullying get to her. According to People, she spoke at length about being bullied by trolls online last year. She wrote on Instagram that she encounters them both online and offline. Anderson added that this isn't new to her, and she grew up with a "built-in bully at home." 

"Early on, I knew what bullies were...insecure, hurting, little miscreants," Anderson wrote. She added that she is unaffected by mean people at this point in her life and simply blocks them. Anderson believes that bullies are hiding their own pain or projecting it onto others. "The next time you see a troll, you can smile at the jokes, but also frown at their pain," Anderson explained.

Well, she's come up with another Instagram special for bullies. This one's a hilarious reaction to those who are making fun of her weight.

Her sense of humor is intact

Sunny Anderson put up an Instagram photo of a skeleton holding corn and wrote that she was recently asked whether she's pregnant. Undeterred, Anderson wrote a "punny" caption that impressed her followers. "The other day someone in comments tried to be humerus and said I look pregnant, so I took a look at my radius, then boned up on nutritional knowledge," she wrote. "Once my cranium was full, I figured I maize well go on a crash diet!"

She also joked that she is being as transparent as possible and was lucky enough to get her hands on corn ears near Rescue Mountain and that's what she's been eating. She closed with an important line: It costs nothing to stick to one's own business.

Cat Cora praised Anderson and said that she's beautiful. A fan commented that they appreciate the chef for tackling online bullies so well. Another thought her post was a great read. Sunny Anderson for the win!