Costco Shoppers Are Seriously Relating To This Banana Meme

Some things in life are inevitable. Like death and taxes. Or the knowledge that no matter how hard we try, we are never going to catch a banana at its perfect peak of ripeness. You know it's true. You could stand guard over a banana for days on end. Blink once and — just like that —it morphs from green to brown. You missed it. Again.

That commonality of experience is probably why Costco shoppers are giggling over a banana meme. The collage, posted on Reddit by AnyNameHereIsFine, shows four bunches of bananas — green, green, green, brown — with the caption, "Waiting for Costco bananas to ripen be like..." And responses started rolling in. Within hours, the post had garnered more than 60 comments and an upvote rating of 97%. The feedback so far includes quite a few LOLs, sprinkled with a bunch of venting about the shared experience and mixed with a few words of advice.

What's the secret to perfectly ripe bananas?

One Reddit poster, pallorah, weighed in with a rant that included everything from voodoo to bad luck. "YES. i bought some bananas and they NEVER RIPENED. they stayed hard and green for over a month and i tried everything to get them to turn. what is the secret?! i don't know what voodoo they do to those, but i do know i'll never buy bananas there again! meanwhile, you better eat those raspberries/blackberries quick or they'll mold in 2 days," they wrote. "i had tried all the tricks everyone's listed! besides the tip to pick the least green ones since if they're picked too green, they'll never ripen... that makes sense. haha. i feel like the ones at my costco are always so green though!"

The tips pallorah mentioned in the comment included this detailed explanation from 303angelfish, "Put the greens one beside one yellow banana. If you need to ripen them fast, put the green ones and a yellow one in a bag. It is due to something called ethylene gas that is naturally produced by ripe fruit." Alrighty then. Here's another tip from Oo__II__oO, "The other trick is to split the bunch into two unequal bunches. They'll ripen at different rates, allowing you to have a good run of timed-right bananas."

We're going to give the tips a try. We'll either end up with perfectly ripened bananas ... or yet another batch of banana bread.