TikTok Has Mixed Feelings About This Viral Egg Video

When a TikTok video is under 30 seconds, only two days old, and already has over 1.3 million views, you better believe we are going to be sitting in the front row to watch it. And if that TikTok just so happens to be about a new way to cook an egg, you will probably hear our squeals of joy from wherever you are in the world. TikTok user @reducedfatmeal generally posts food videos, and some of them even involve an egg or two. But it's been a while since one of the user's videos garnered views in the millions, more than 75,000 likes, and mixed emotions (or, rather, emoji-tions) across the board.

What is it, exactly, that is so mesmerizing (and perhaps polarizing) about watching someone cook an egg? The good people of TikTok are not quite sure, either. Some commented with smiling faces, laughing emojis, and even a "wow" or two ... but an equal number of responses featured sad emojis, "this food is ew i don't like it" comments, and the ambiguous embarrassed face emoji. Is it possible that we do not know how TikTok users feel about the viral egg video because they themselves do not know how they feel about it?

Simplicity may be the key to this egg pocket's success

Let's get down to the nuts and bolts of the TikTok video from @reducedfatmeal that has captivated over 1.3 million viewers already. Over a song called Self Care, by Penelope Scott, a chef is seen cracking an ordinary egg above a frying pan. Rather than drop the whole egg in, they allow the whites to drop out of the shell and into the hot pan, while transferring the yolk from shell half to shell half. After swirling the whites around in the pan and allowing them to set in a paper-thin, opaque egg white-pancake of sorts, they carefully place the yolk in the middle of the pan. A small shower of scallions and a simple circle of sriracha sauce later, and the egg white-pancake has an artful, colorful yolk as a bullseye center.

But instead of leaving it at that, the chef uses chopsticks (and fingers) to fold the egg whites over from the sides, creating an egg pocket of sorts. Inside the pocket is the rich, golden yolk, along with its green onion and red sauce accompaniments. The chef in the video offers it up to the camera on a spatula, and if your instinct is to reach out and pop the egg pocket into your mouth, you wouldn't be alone. The video makes the novel egg pocket look tasty and simple to make ... and if you are anything like us, you can only watch it so many times before you find yourself on your way to the kitchen to see if you have any eggs.