The Snack Selena Gomez Can't Live Without

We all have our own Achilles heel when it comes to junk food, whether you can't not buy Oreos when you go to the grocery store, find yourself pining over potato chips (any other Cheddar & Sour Cream Ruffles fans out there?), or stocking up on movie theater butter popcorn, we all have that one mouthwatering morsel that we absolutely love. 

For some reason, thinking of celebrities falling into the trap of delicious snacks seems a little obscure. It's difficult to picture them diving into a bag of Doritos, or impulsively grabbing some sour gummy worms when they stop for gas. They're human, too, however, and still have the same weak spot for junk food that the rest of us have, much as it may seem otherwise. In the comfort of their own homes, celebrities are truly just like us. Selena Gomez, for example, has one snack that she claims she can't live without, and it's a bit surprising.

Selena Gomez loves Flamin' Hot Cheetos

In an interview with Bon Appétit, Gomez opened up about some of the essentials she takes on the road with her and keeps backstage during shows. She says she keeps things fairly simple backstage, which means, "Plenty of water and pickles." We're glad to hear that she's staying hydrated and keeping those electrolytes up, but her tour bus essentials are a little more relatable. As she told the outlet, "Hot Cheetos and chocolate are staples," and honestly, we respect the combination.

Gomez posted a picture of herself on Instagram getting ready behind-the-scenes of a Pantene shoot, wearing a bathrobe with her makeup done as she snacked on some Flamin' Hot Cheetos with the caption, "Routine." Gomez also told Bon Appétit that when she's looking for something a little more comforting on the road, she seeks fried chicken. While celebrities' lives may seem a little alien to us sometimes, it's nice to know that they get some of the same cravings we do.