Trader Joe's Shoppers Can't Wait For Its New Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce

As everyone is well aware by now, the season for all things pumpkin-flavored has most definitely arrived. While Trader Joe's always rolls out a slew of fall-flavored products each year in addition to some new items, there's one product that just hit shelves that people cannot wait to give it a try. It's the new pumpkin Alfredo sauce. Just imagine it with some of Trader Joe's ravioli or pumpkin-shaped zuccette pasta (via Become Betty).

Instagrammer @traderjoeslist, spotted the new pumpkin Alfredo sauce on September 14 and within a day it had gained more than 11,800 likes. The caption read, "NEW PUMPKIN ALFREDO SAUCE • $3.49 • I was surprised how much this tasted like a tomato Alfredo sauce yet there are no tomatoes! It has a thicker consistency from the pumpkin but no overwhelming pumpkin flavor. You can taste the cheese blend which mixes nicely with the 'tomato' flavor and as always the hint of black pepper is delish! I can't wait to try this on pasta this week!" It definitely sounds like a delicious new item to try.

This is what Trader Joe's shoppers are saying about it

Of course, Trader Joe's fanatics were very quick to respond to the post by @traderjoeslist. One person also thought of ravioli when they saw it, suggesting it would be great paired with butternut squash ravioli, while someone else said it was VIP-worthy. Another person commented, "I need this and burrata on my grocery list." A different Instagrammer wrote, "Amazing We need a double blind study between this and autumnal harvest sauce," which sounds like a pretty great idea.

Another person commented, "It's nice that it's not especially high in sugar or calories," which is always a bonus with more processed or prepared foods. Plenty of others talked about how excited they were to get the new pumpkin Alfredo sauce to try it themselves. One person did, however, point out that a lot was missing from their local store. The comment said, "Listen I was just there and I didn't see half the pumpkin stuff I was supposed to see." So, be patient as things roll out, but keep your eyes open.