Aldi Fans Swear By These Canned Fried Apples For Fall Baking

Aldi is doing a good job of ensuring that its fans have plenty to root for this year. Some of the most popular products available at Aldi stores right now are premium-sliced bacon from Appleton Farms, bagels from Specially Selected, Clancy's kettle chops, dairy-free milk options from Friendly Farms, Mama Cozzi's deli pizza, and more (via Insider). So much goodness!

According to one Aldi fan, the store has restocked one of its older (and popular) items: Sweet Harvest fried apples with cinnamon. They wrote about it on the Facebook page of The ALDI Nerd Community and couldn't hide their excitement: "Cinnamon fried apples are back! I bought four cans and might need more." Whoa, that's some dedication to the product.

The Sweet Harvest fried apples are a pretty affordable pick at $1.29 for each can. According to "Today," these apples are garnished with cinnamon and smell delicious. And yes, it's a seasonal product that's only up for grabs for a short period. You may want to get your hands on some soon!

There are so many possibilities

Lots of Aldi customers like that they can use the fried apples for different purposes. An Aldi fan wrote on Facebook, "...they make for the best apple croissants! My husband and kids LOVE them and they hate cinnamon usually." That's a huge compliment, right?

A curious shopper said that they've never purchased canned apples before but love cooking them at home. It's an affordable option and not too difficult to get right. They write, "I just peel a couple [of apples], cut into slices, add some cinnamon and a touch of sugar." A great tip is microwaving the apple pieces to make them softer.

However, if you're too busy and would prefer a quick option, the Sweet Harvest apples are a terrific choice. Another enthusiastic home cook mentioned using the product to make Thanksgiving apple pie as well as cinnamon rolls. Also, Aldi Reviewer assures us that the flavors are above average in this product and taste even better if you heat the apples beforehand.